VR Gal Game Alternative Girls First Trailer Revealed

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Attentions! A wave of cute girls is coming now! Japanese game company Cyberagent is going to release a new mobile game named Alternative Girls (オルタナティブガールズ). The game is a VR supported RPG, and has started pre-registration now.

Alternative Grils

The background story of Alternative Girls is not that complicated. One day, you were called to the Hitomi campus, and was told that you should lead a group of girls named "Alterna" to defeat the Night Beast.

Alternative Grils

Alternative Grils

The biggest highlight of this game is the VR mode. With the VR glass, all cute girls in this game will stand in front of you. You can talk, date, and team up with them to fight. Well, with this game you don't need a girlfriend anymore. Of course the game will firstly be released in Japan. Interested players can take a glimpse at the game's first trailer below:

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