Livelock Demo at PAX EAST 2016

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By raphaelDate: Apr 27 2016 Views:


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Livelock came closer to us at PAX East and Livelock showed us a different shooting game.


It is more like a team taking a small dungeon raid but in the form of a three-men squad clearing the floor. You are not going to do precise shooting, instead you will play it as a RPG to take down minions and bosses.

Although in the demo the fight stopped right before the big boss, we can have enough information for its style. The fighting scenes are made splendid with laser lights and powerful skills, but it is a little bit hard to locate and read your status due to the set angle of view and lack of indicator, so sometimes you may cast nothing for a short while or just die without knowing why.


Livelock is said to release as a B2P game by the end of this year on PC, Xbox One and PS4, but I wonder which genre should Livelock be categorized? Maybe we should redefine Livelock as a Diablo III style RPG game.


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