ArcheAge Chinese Server Finally Launched Open Beta

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By sainDate: Apr 24 2016 Views:


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It has been a long time since ArcheAge launched its first beta test in China. I though this game has almost been forgotten by Tencent Games. However, I was surprised to see that Tencent announced the Open Beta test of this game last week.


In this Open Beta test, a variety of new contents including the Nation system, new level cap to 55, Ayanad Library, new skills as well as a Chinese style dungeon named "烟飨之庭" (roughly translated as "Court of Feasts").


In this new dungeon "Court of Feasts", there are 4 unique bosses for players to challenge. Players can enjoy excellent Chinese style music in this dungeon. What's more, Tencent Games has worked with XLGAMES to provide 2 different songs for this dungeon. The songs were performed by SNH48, a sister group in China.


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