How Does Supernova stack up against other MOBAs?

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The open beta for Namco Bandai’s new MOBA, Supernova, has been getting a lot of attention lately. As a fan of other MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends, I decided to check out Supernova. Developed by Primal Game Studio and published by Namco Bandai Entertainment, Supernova looked quite interesting and very different from other games in the growing genre. This review will be written for players who are already familiar with MOBAs and examine how Supernova holds up against the established competition.


My initial impressions of Supernova were positive, but the “honeymoon phase” wore off quicker than any other game I’ve ever played. The graphics, while nothing to write home about, were good enough for this kind of game. Even on high settings it does lack some polish but doesn’t look bad at all. Keep in mind this is still technically a beta, so improvements can be expected prior to the actual “release.”

I like that Supernova utilizes a science fiction, rather than a fantasy, setting. Supernova has a lot of real-time strategy elements as well and the heroes are called Commanders instead of Champions. There are actually quite a few Commanders available in the game already which is a good thing. I’ve never been one to purchase character skins but some of the skins already available do look pretty sweet and people will undoubtedly like them.


The biggest way Supernova is unique from other MOBAs is that your lane minions, called Forces, are arguably just as important as your actual Commander. Throughout each game you have to research and purchase different units that get added to each wave of minions. Similar to an RTS, there are also upgrades for each type of unit which will increase their attack, armor, and give them various abilities. I’ve said for years that MOBAs don’t focus enough on minions other than as a means of mining gold and Supernova addresses this concern. It is the main thing I like about this game. There may be no gold or purchasable items in Supernova but resource management is still important as it pertains to your Forces.

That being said, Namco Bandai didn’t go far enough with the evolution of minions in my opinion. I expected it to play sort of like a tower defense game, where you would buy bigger and better units to send at your opponent’s base as the game progresses. This unfortunately isn’t the case. You’re limited to just a few different types of Force units and while there are a good variety of units you can put in your set before the game, you’re limited to whichever ones you already have in your set available before the match starts. Certain Force units counter other units so it plays more like a rock-paper-scissors mechanic than simply overwhelming your opponent with superior waves like a tower defense.

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