World of Warcraft Legion Begins on August 30th

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By raphaelDate: Apr 18 2016 Views:


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The sixth expansion of World of Warcraft, Legion, has finally set its arrival schedule and the date is August 30th in 2016. The old enemy of Azeroth is back and whether the reunion of Horde and Alliance will save the land and WoW need your witness.


It is an overall statement of this release date, but the difference between countries and regions may lead to some delay. We are expecting the global launch at same pace with the new features longing for. If you want to try it earlier, here is the pre-purchase with an instant level-100 character boost and early access to the Demon Hunter prior to the expansion’s release.


World of Warcraft is facing strong competition and suffering from decline year over year, would Legion give rebirth to WoW? And how long will veteran stay in Legion? At least I will try a Demon Hunter, what about you?

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