Interview with Daum EU Reveals Further Updates of Black Desert

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An interview with Daum Games EU was posted on Black Desert Online’s official forum that provides the most frequently asked questions from the communities concerning and answers from Daum Games and Pearl Abyss about the new classes, enchantment levels, Karma system and more.


New class Musa/Maehwa (originally known as Blader/Plum on KR server) and Ninja/Kunoichi will be released soon, and some balance updates will be applied along with the release of these classes. What’s more, Pearl Abyss is planning to narrow the gap regarding enchantment levels compared to Korean service regarding to the huge imabalances in PVP of enchantments above +15.

“Opening the Valencia region and having a town and content for PK players will alleviate on-going issues with the Karma system.” said Pearl Abyss, “the Karma system affects the calculation of all attacks, causing huge impact on server performance. So unfortunately, it's hard to take direct action on this matter in short amount of time, however we will keep researching alternatives that can improve the situation.”


The English service’s update is roughly the same as the KR server’s, but there could be exceptions. For example, some of the new features (e.g. Castle Siege Mode) that have been released in KR may be split up into content batches for technical reasons, or be released at one time (e.g. Awakening weapons).

Although Black Desert Online is buy-to-play, there are still many bots, spamming, advertising, packet editing and cheatings. If you meet the packet editing and cheating again, you can directly report them to Daum Games staff, then they will investigate and prevent them from happening.

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