PWI's Largest Expansion - Elysium, is Coming [Interview]

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PWI: Elysium, the 12th expansion for Perfect World Entertainment's flagship fantasy MMORPG, will be released on April 13, 2016. I was honored to have an interview with the team behind this game to talk about this expansion. Check the details below to take a first look at PWI's largest expansion to date:

Thanks for your time. Can you tell our players about yourself?

Zhang Wei, producer for PWI

We've been told that PWI is releasing its 12th, and the largest expansion: Elysium. What new content can we expect from this expansion?

Elysium includes a highly customizable Homestead System, where players can build houses, place furniture, and even design the landscape.

In our new dungeon,Uncharted Paradise, we offer players seven trials inspired by elegant and sophisticated Chinese traditions. Players can learn more about Chinese philosophy, while defeating bosses for rewards.

What is this new Homestead system? What is the idea behind the design?

The Homestead System is a realm isolated from Perfect World. Each player has a space of his/her own, where they can build a little settlement however they like. We have been brainstorming this system for quite a long time, and hope it will provide the players with a sense of freedom and hospitality.

PWI: Elysium

What can you tell us about the new instance: The Uncharted Paradise?

The new instance incorporates many traditional Chinese elements. It's an exciting new endeavor. We hope players will enjoy themselves while learning more about Chinese culture.

How does the matching work in the new cross-server competition? Will lower level players encounter more powerful players?

First off, we are excited about the new cross-server battles but we've decided to set aside more time to work on it. These events will be released shortly after the launch of Elysium. The cross-server competitions will be held weekly. New players and veterans will be grouped according to their respective levels.

PWI: Elysium

What's there to expect in the future?

We have entered the development stage for new game content. The lore behind Perfect World will continue with new locations and new storylines.

What activities will the company hold to celebrate the launch of this new expansion?

We'll be hosting several different events to celebrate the arrival of Elysium. One of the events that we are most excited about is our week-long raffle. We'll update the details on our blog.

Why is this expansion named "Elysium?" What is the meaning behind it?

PWI's expansion is all about the gods granting you a safe haven of your own. In mythology, Elysiumis similar to paradise or utopia, which is what your homestead represents for your character.

PWI: Elysium

I've heard that PWI will also be released on Steam. Why did you choose this platform?

Steam is the largest gaming platform on PC and we are excited to open PWI to millions of new gamers.

Thanks again for taking this interview. What else do you want to share with our readers?

The new Level 17 Weapons can be acquired in through the Homestead System, as well as the new skills for all classes. Players can also enter other players' Homesteads for various interactions. We hope this expansion will deliver an enhanced gaming experience for all of our players.

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