Top 10 Recommended Adventure VR Games in 2016

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Coming into the year of VR, game industry has welcomed the first blossom year of VR games. They are coming in as a potentially dominating power to take over gaming, the vivid graphics and the immersive gameplay have already won many players’ heart. As the VR devices are on the schedule of shipping, VR games are getting closer to us, so what are going to be released and which of them are worth playing in 2016? Check my Top 10 Recommended for you!


10. Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is a third person adventure game with story of searching an expedition team. All you will get are ice and unknown, survival and finding the truth are your missions.

It is similar to Tomb Raider gameplay except for the fighting part. As the dangers are hidden on your way of discovery and quick reaction is key to survive, the third-person view setting helps a lot in environment recon. But you are not going to have a fixed vision, along your adventure your vision can be adjusted according to your environment and actions. Grab the edge and climb up, rush through a collapsing bridge or away from cave monsters, the dangers are avoided by your control and the truth is discovered with you own eyes.


It is said to be release in Spring, 2016, while we still get no confirmation from Edge of Nowhere’s website or any order page. Also Edge of Nowhere tends to avoid applying first-person view in casing of missing incoming danger, but as to me harder might it be,it will be more thrilling to play in first-person view.

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