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In an effort to help players in ArcheAge find a better home for themselves within the game, server transfers have been added, allowing for the movement from one to another – for a cost. While it’s a core part of a lot of games lately and something that is often given as a free feature, ArcheAge has turned it into a sort of money sink, and not an extremely cheap one, at that.


Why Transfers Are Important in ArcheAge

When it comes to ArcheAge, the ability to transfer from one server to another is important, due to the intricacies within the game itself and how it works, with the two main ones being the housing situation and faction balance (or imbalance).
Faction balance comes into play because the game is essentially an open-world PvP game. As a result, exploring the maps and leveling always bring up their own dangers due to the ongoing PvP that occurs. Faction imbalances cause one side to completely overpower the other, and in some cases this can even lead to being unable to do much due to all of the enemy players roaming around. While it’s problematic to allow players to randomly jump off to another server (which then results in even less on the previous one), forcing them to stay in the same place is also an issue.

As for housing, that’s been a hot topic since the game was in beta. With limited housing and most players wanting to snag land in specific areas (for example, some purposely want to be in PvP areas, while others want to stay only in safe ones), each server is different in terms of what’s available and how much it’s going to cost to get from another player. The issue that stems from this player is that it’s impossible to know what’s going to be available where, as well as whether or not it would still be available after leveling and obtaining enough money on each server to purchase what’s needed.


Unlocking Old Land

Land is somewhat limited in the game because once someone has it and continues paying for it, it’s theirs indefinitely. One of the stipulations on transferring to another server is that players can not do so if they currently own land. In other words, those that own land and want to hop off to another server with their guild or for any other purpose are forced to leave behind the spot for someone else to take over. In most cases, this is can be capitalized on by simply selling it to someone before making the transfer happen, but all around, it helps open the doors to premium spots being opened when the more hardcore players choose to hop off to a new server.

For those that don’t care about owning land or don’t care which plots they have, there are almost always new plots available, just very few options when it comes to decent areas. Usually if you’re open-minded you can find something, but it might be in a really bad spot or otherwise come with inconveniences (which is, of course, why it’s open to begin with usually). That said, with the transfers open, keeping up with the premium plots – especially those owned by guilds that may move elsewhere – can lead to getting nice deals.


Charging… Too Much?

Transferring to a new server isn’t free, and it’s not “cheap” compared to a lot of other things, either. The cost of this comes in at 2700 Credits (per character and per transfer), which relates to 3 APEX or around $15 if the Credits are purchased directly. Now, the idea behind it is likely to help limit how often players jump from one server to another (because of the impact it has on the rest of the population), but it’s something that’s often free in other games. Even one free transfer every 6-12 months would go a long way. Populations are always shrinking and growing, and as the game expands over time, things change. Forcing players to either restart completely or pay $15 every time they want to get back to a normal experience just doesn’t sit so well, and instead feels like it’s a way of nickel and diming them. And let’s face it: free transfers are so much the norm these days that it’s almost an expected feature of games, with only a few exceptions.

Bringing an Alternative to Server Merges

Many players have brought up the idea of simply merging servers to help boost populations, but this always brings up its own issues, especially related to land. A stronger population is always a great thing and merging servers together definitely has that benefit, but it hurts those that hold land, and is really detrimental to those that have pristine land. Some players spent a lot trying to obtain that one specific plot they have (or more than one), and forcing them to lose it just doesn’t bode well with most players. By doing transfers instead, it becomes a choice – stick it out with where they are now or give up the land to move elsewhere. And when it comes to MMORPGs, choices are the bread and butter of how they work.

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