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The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis, the latest title in The War of Genesis series, is set to launch its open beta test in Korea on March 23rd. As the first MMORPG in the series, the game has already caught lots of gamers' eyes all over the world. Today we are honored to have an interview with the team behind this highly-anticipated game. Check out the interview below:

The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis

1. Hello. We really appreciate you taking the time to have this interview with us. Firstly, would you like to give a brief introduction about yourself and The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis to our MMOsiters?

Hi, I'm Mr. Choi, the project manager for Spiral Genesis. Spiral Genesis is an online MMOPRG game created by one of the oldest RPG game creators in Korea, SOFTMAX. It was developed with special and unique system different from other MMORPGs, along with character, numerous stories and plots that have created fan-dom with the various series of "The war of Genesis", the former popular title of our company. Official OBT in Korea is planned to start on March 23rd.

2. Lots of our readers are looking forward to The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis, and they are eager to try this game when the OBT starts. Will this game be IP blocked?

Unfortunately, the Korean server will not be able to be used overseas. We considered the localization because the language is necessary to enjoy and play the merit story of this game. We hope our overseas users will be considerate of this as we want to prepare well for them, so that they can enjoy much more.

3. Do you have any plans for the global release? If so, when can we expect it?

We are positively reviewing the idea with numerous overseas companies. Specific name of these companies and name of countries, we cannot tell you yet. We are putting our best efforts to launch overseas soon and to give notice of it. We hope you can wait for a bit longer.

4. When comparing with the Closed Beta, what new content has been added or fixed for the Open Beta?

Firstly, ACT3 has been added along with new characters, dungeons, map and story. Spiral Genesis will continuously update new stories. The period of large updates compared to other MMOPRGs will be much shorter. By short, every month, by long, once every 2 months a new story will be updated in the large updates.

Also, Carta system has been added and this will allow uses to strengthen and attach onto the Arcana(character). Therefore, depending on the taste of the user, they can create and enhance their armies in various ways according to their tastes.

PVP & PVE contents are newly added. PVP will support maximum 4vs4 on a specially created map, with the goal of destroying the opponents Machina. Through PVP, you will receive Insignia which you can use to exchange needed equipment, Carta, Arcana and others.

For users who dislike PVP, we added PVE contents to enjoy infinite war battles. You will have to destroy monsters on every level. As you proceed to higher levels, you can gain better rewards. This mode will be provided in single or 4 player mode.

We have also fixed UI, balance, graphics, which have been mentioned by our users in CBT.

The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis

5. Which feature in The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis are you most proud of, and why?

The first would be the high quality story. All MMORPG requires a worldview and stories under that. Some users may not consider stories/plots to be important and only think of battles, and in Korea we have numerous of this type of people.

However, the story is the basic frame of MMORPG worldview, and we did not want to be sloppy on this. On previous "The war of Genesis series", the story itself has been called a masterpiece and gained recognition for it. We guarantee you'll enjoy the story.

Second, unique battle method and system. Maximum 5 Arcana (character) can create a division to battle. This is a new method that did not exist.

Other companies have provided using 3 characters when playing the game and I've read a number of replies from overseas users that it'll go be similar to that. What I can tell you is that our battle system is different from theirs and so are the skills and developments methods. You can depend on it.

The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis

6. In The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis, each player can control 5 characters at most. Does it mean players won't need to cooperate with others to experience most of the game content?

That's not true. When the users want to participate in 4vs4 PVP and party dungeons, it's compulsory for them to cooperate to play. It will vary depending on what the user prefers as the 5 characters can be all dealers, healers or tankers.

On the contrary, users who play alone can construct the 5 character into consisting of 2 tankers, 2 dealers and 1 healer. By balancing, you play stable.

Conclusively, it is not necessary to cooperate with other users and when playing alone, you change composition, depending on how you want it to be.

7. How will you help new players get involved in the game?

Our game has uniqueness system. New players will think it is a strange system, so we added a lot of information items within game on our homepage. Basically, if users enjoy MMORPG they can play it more comfortable. If users tell us it's uncomfortable, we will keep changing and adding system features.

8. What's the ultimate goal players should be striving for in The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis?

It depends on user's verdict. If the user wants to become the top ranking in the server, he/she will have to use PVP mode and become rank No. 1. Or if the user wants to collect all kinds of characters, he/she will have to complete all goals to collect all kind of arcana and enjoy the story. And if the user wants to be master artisan, he/she will have to complete the goals to collect special recipe.

And now we're developing content Clan, which will be released in further update. The user will do Clan warfare and siege warfare with Clan members, and will make a best Clan through victory in warfares with Clan members.

The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis

9. Will there be any exciting events to celebrate the launch of open beta?

We are preparing an every-day login event to give out various game support items. We even give out highest level Arcana even if you logged on only 14 days a month. Also, completion Arcana Journal event is an event to give various gifts if user complete in the given period.

We will prepare diverse and interesting events when further overseas launching takes place.

10. Thank you for your time. To conclude the interview, is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers at this time?

"We wish to see you again". This is a catchphrase in Korea marketing. I want to tell our overseas users: "We wish to see you at least once." We really thank you for your interest in our game. We will try best to meet overseas users as soon as possible with good news.

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