Kisnard Online: New 32 Bit Medieval MMORPG

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Today I'm gonna introduce a funny 2D MMORPG named Kisnard Online. It is a new 32 bit fantasy/medieval MMORPG where you can adventure on quests, explore the huge world, specialize in various tradeskills, slay mythical monsters, team up to fight bosses, interact with many NPCs, grow powerful in level and name, loot rare treasures, duel other players in live PvP, and much more.

Kisnard Online

Well, I'll not talk much about the graphic of this game. Since it's a 32 bit game, and you can't expect the fantastic graphic here. If you're a fan of classic pixel graph, then you can keep reading. The game is set on medieval, and you can choose to be a mage, warrior, archer, etc. Like most MMORPG, you can choose a variety of weapons equipments to gear yourself for the adventure.

Kisnard Online

Below are the main features of Kisnard Online:

· Gameplay - 2d, 32 bit graphics, live action, fantasy, medieval mmorpg!
· Backpack/Bank - Collect rare treasures and keep them safe!!
· Character - Brandish powerful weapons, armor, items – show off your new gear!!
· Race/Stats - Choose different character races and builds – mage, warrior, archer, etc.!!
· Skills/Leveling - Master a variety of weapon, trade, defense, misc. skills!!
· Quest - Slay epic monsters, find rare treasures, journey to the edges of the realm!!
· Shops - Buy from and sell to various shopkeepers throughout the lands!!
· Guilds - Join ranks and lead your guild to victory!!
· PvM/PvP - Live action combat – slay monsters, npcs, players – loot from corpses!!
· Crafting - Craft weapons, armor, items with various tradeskills – blacksmithing, carpentry, alchemy, etc.!!
· Wiki Site - Unlock sections of the shared Wiki website while playing the game! Compete to unlock the most.
· Parties - Fight powerful bosses together!! Share loot.
· Spells - Learn from legendary wizards and witches – heal your friends and curse your enemies!!
· Gemology - Collect, trade, upgrade, and horde valuable gems!!
· Enchantments - Make your weapons, armors, and items unique and powerful!!
· Friends - Manage your friend list – keep in touch!!

Kisnard Online

Kisnard Online is now in Open Beta testing phase. You can find more game related information on its official site.

Kisnard Online

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