Black Desert Online CBT 2 Event Starts with IMGamer NOW!

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The Redemption page of Black Desert Online CBT 2 is on and here comes our events to get the keys. We have a considerable amount of keys that most of you will finally seize the luck. IMGamer will be the main place for keys, you participation and interaction will earn you multiple ways to get keys:


1\The very first event is your active presence in the Feed in IMGamer starting from now and we will send keys to those active gamers daily. (PS this event is subjective and judged by how well you write and how often we see you, frequent post and game-related are recommended).

2\Join in the group by following route: Chat-Groups-Join Group(top-right button)-search for Black Desert Online Event (or Group ID 214084), join without verification to get daily random chance of key and we promise to send out up to 100 keys on Day 1(for all events in IMGamer). Your share of game experience/ review/ CBT 1 gameplay inside will earn you special extra chance of key!


3\ Quality feedback or suggestion and MMOsite old users can help you to apply for Black Desert Online Official group, where new gifts and events will be held inside first. Group Name: Black Desert Online Official, ID  214085, verification needed after BDO event. If you are our keen fans or profound lover, you can 100% get a key in this group!

4\Group Chance! If you are a group of meet or meet a group of gamers in IMGamer you can team up to get our guild reward! From now till the CBT 2 launch date you can call your friends in your guild or team up with gamers in IMGamer to show your muscle to us to win 10-20 keys once at a time. Terms for Event 4: To ensure every one in your group is active, every one should post a "I wanna play BDO and thx IMGamer" when entering the group to prove your valid participation (please add MMOsite Official in your group, we will examine it). We will select active and qualified groups to send keys. (Black Desert Online related chat, bringing in guild members, building up future BDO guild will get bonus. Also this event is subjective but I promise at least 100 keys will be released in this event). This event goes long and slow, but it is the best way to prepare for future guild! Event 4 keys will be released to group creator and dispatched by him/her before CBT 2 starts.

To download IMGamer here (if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter account, please log in and leave your nickname hereafter for me to sign you up!) Other MMOsite events check here.
As always, thanks to Daum and Pearl Abyss and all rights reserved.

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