NA and EU Need More Domestic MMORPGs

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By daniel_csakiDate: Feb 13 2016 Views:


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This year will probably be known for the most Asian MMORPGs arriving from the east, and also for the most MMORPG fails in a year.


The current MMO industry seems to be mistaken to a certain extent, thinking that all we need are a bunch of eastern fancy MMORPGs such as Black Desert, Blade & Soul, Bless, Riders of Icarus and other titles that everyone has been extremely excited to get.

But now that we are actually getting them, many are beginning to realize that these games might not be what they were expecting to receive. As I conveyed my views earlier about the WoW-raised NA and EU gamer generations, I still firmly believe that western players are constantly looking for typical lazy western elements in any MMORPG that comes out.


It has been a while since a domestic-made MMORPG has arrived in NA or EU, with the rare exception of Skyforge, which holds so many limited instanced zones I would hardly consider it as a proper MMORPG. What many of us are looking to get is a typical western MMORPG that brings working elements from titles such as Rift, WoW, LOTRO and perhaps SWTOR, to give us a break from all the current Asian trends that have roleless classes, no proper dungeons and raids, full open-world focus and irritating PvP modes.


EU and NA really need to get a new, slightly lazy MMORPG that has top-notch graphics, proper roles (healer, tank, DPS), automated groupfinder and dungeon teleporter, targeting with Tab, a housing system, WoW Battleground-like PvP modes, arenas, traditional professions and tons of endgame content with instanced raids and in-depth character creation.

The problem with having an MMO palette that is mostly dominated by eastern MMORPGs is that it can easily lead to a decline in the popularity of massive online gaming because many of the new generation of gamers tend to get scared off by the amounts of effort required in some of the Asian MMO titles. Eastern developers also seem to have realized this, as it is easy to spot that many games coming to the west are not only translated but also go through a localization process which usually ends up simplifying the game and basically making it easier.


It would really be great to see the rise of a new western-made MMORPG that would manage to revive the popularity of EU- and NA-made games.

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