Guild Wars 2 - Shatterer World Boss Gets Revamped

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In an update titled “The Shatterer Reborn” that’s coming to Guild Wars 2 on January 26, 2016, the world boss encounter of the Shatterer is being reworked. In line with other updates to the game and changes to help increase player quality of life, going back through the world bosses and making a big change for the better is a great fit. While this boss has been around a long time and many of us have fought him more times than we can count, the simple fact is that keeping content fresh helps increase replayability. And in the case of a boss like this, it gives more enjoyment to fighting him again and again – even when you’re already burned out on the old fight. Through a large rework of the encounter, it’s almost like an entirely new boss! So what can you look forward to in this upcoming patch?


Defiance Bar Addition

Defiance bars have been added to the Pulsing Crystal Nodes that heal the Shatterer, which are designed to help keep the crystals from taking damage until they’re broken. The healing has also been increased on the crystals, making it much more difficult (if not impossible) to simply DPS the boss and ignore the crystals altogether. To help give players time to take down the crystals, a warning comes up and there is a slight delay before the healing kicks in, allowing players to spread out and start taking them down.

Removal of Safe Zones

One of the big changes is that the safe zones are being removed. If you’ve fought the current boss a few times, you’ve probably either learned where they are on your own or have had other players give a heads-up on where to stand in order to avoid all of his attacks. A side effect of having safe areas to stand is that it helped make the fight trivial, because you’re… well, safe.

As part of the safe area removal, there are changes coming to the boss’s minions, including:

• Rock dogs and devourers stack vulnerability and bleed

• Branded Lieutenant and Branded Ravager (a new enemy) do knockbacks into their boss’s attack areas

• Patrolling mobs go around to destroy siege equipment if not killed first

These changes effectively make the minions much more deadly than they were before, and having patrollers makes it ever more important to keep up with where they are and counter their pathing to ensure they don’t do too much damage. It’s said that condition removal and stun breaks are now a large part of successfully completing this event.

Boss Self-Reflection…

In the current state of the event, the Shatterer only attacks players that are in front of him. Those that are standing to the side of him or behind are fairly safe throughout the battle, and this is something else that is being changed. All of his attacks have been updated in some way, such as wider arcs to his cleaves, a longer range, more directions in which attacks can travel, and increased numbers of projectiles or targets. The goal behind this is said to fulfill the idea that “The only time you should be safe when fighting a dragon is when it’s dead or you’re outmaneuvering it.”


Gliding and Siege Updates

To start off with, siege weapons are getting a major overhaul. Mortars have been changed to be ground-targeted instead of slowly moving around with the number keys. Healing Rounds can be used as a separate skill (rather than having to keep swapping between the ammo types), and they apply protection to allies and drop med kits that can be picked up. Along with this, turrets do more damage and have a higher rate of fire, helping bring them to the same effectiveness of mortars. And both mortars and turrets have crowd control skills now, allowing them to contribute to defiance bars.

With Central Tyria gliding available, there are launch pads that point in the Shatterer’s direction for those with Gliding Mastery. This allows players to launch themselves towards him, using a Bombardier bundle item to throw bombs at enemies and med kits at allies. As a sort of warning ANet also included that “if you see the dragon raise his hand in a ‘I’m going to stick you inside a crystal’ sort of way, you’d be wise to use Stealth Gliding. Crystals are not aerodynamic.”


The Shatterer is getting his own achievement category, coming complete with 12 different achievements and a meta achievement that rewards a new Branded back slot item. The daily reward chest now gives two guaranteed rare items instead of just one, and also gives a large chunk of experience. Along with this, there are now tokens that allow you to create new Shatterer-themed decorations for your Guild Hall. This is all being done because they state that with greater risk (in that these updates make the battle much more difficult than it was previously) should come greater rewards. And as it stands, this is shaping up to be a great experience, less than two weeks away!

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