Hello MMO-Top 10 New MMOs in 2015 That Have God-Like Graphics

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By raphaelDate: Dec 28 2015 Views:


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At the end of the busy 2015 we are checking the best Graphics from the bombard of MMOs throughout the year. 2015 has witnessed many gorgeous games in launch and more in tests. Once upon a time Diablo II is marked as an amazing game of graphics while with years of development, technology has improved graphic quality greatly and we have the chance to experience the shock brought by the stunning graphics. I would say they are“Holy Shit”! Here is the collection of 10 new MMOs in 2015 that have given me the greatest sight-shock.

10 Monster Hunter Online


The very famous series on PSP platform is reborn and come to China. Developed by CryEngine 3, Monster Hunter Online brings back the fun of exploring the world and the game gets upgraded in graphics. Personally speaking, when I saw and played Monster Hunter 3G I was amazed by the scenes and fluency of graphics, soon I abandoned PC games and bought a PSP to play with friends. The Monster Hunter Online continues the feeling and is doing better. Pity is that it is currently available in China by Tencent, you’d better learn some good Chinese to play it in advance.

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