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Thanks to all your support, explorers! IMGamer has successfully recruited the first explorers for the test. From now on you can log in with your nickname as account and the overall initial code 123456 (Please log in and change the code fast, it will only available for test, later after official launch we will change the log-in ways). Still we have some explorers with a “space” in their names that is resisted by the system, for these ones we will send PM or e-mail to inform you the account and code.

Here is the QR code for scanning to download: (In some app you need to open in the browser after scanning)

imagmerandroid       imgamerios

                                                Android                                           iOS

Or you can click the links here:



  • Here is the Christmas Event brought together with IMGamer, check the new ways of getting keys and features here.
  • Here is the forum for feedback and also you can post your opinion/advice in Feed on IMGamer. Our app is not perfect and we need your participation to make it better!
  • Get motivated? You still have chance to catch the next wave, just sign up here or reply in the forum.

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