How to Play Dragon’s Dogma Online from Outside of Japan

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Dragon’s Dogma Online, unfortunately, is only available in Japan. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on the fun! We’ve written a great set of instructions below to get you into the game, and playing in a language that you understand!

Dragon’s Dogma Online

These instructions use the unofficial English patch, which you can help contribute to here.

Wish for the game to get released outside of Japan, let Capcom know by signing the petition!

VPN Setup

Skip if you have your own VPN

1. Download this VPN.

2. Extract everything and install the executable.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

3. Once installed, open the program and double click here.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

4. It will then give you a list of VPN servers you can use. Double click on any Japanese server.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

5. Now it will prompt you on what VPN protocol you want to use. I've had success with both, but more recently I've had more success with UDP than TCP.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

If it fails to connect, try retrying a couple of times. Most of my successful connects start off with a failure to connect followed by a successful retry.

6. Check if your IP location is currently in Japan.

CAPCOM Account Setup

1. Register here.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Here is a picture of a translated version of the form.

2. Once completed, you will see your username (located in the red square) which you will use to log into the game. It is also sent to you in an email.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Dragon's Dogma Online Installation

1. Have your VPN successfully running.

2. Download the installer here. Click on the green button and select Windows

3. Run and install the launcher.

4. Log in here.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

5. After logging in, it will now start checking the current version. (You MUST keep your VPN on, otherwise it’ll disconnect you from the patching.)

Dragon’s Dogma Online

6. Once done, it will start downloading the main client.

7. Click on the green button to start the game. Enjoy!

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Translation Pack Installation

1. Download the latest translation pack from /u/riftcrystal here.

If the latest translation patch does not correspond with the current Dragon's Dogma Online Patch, do not install.

2. Extract the files to wherever you installed Dragon's Dogma Online. For example, here. Replace anything that prompts. I suggest backing up the folder before replacing in case something goes wrong.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Helpful Tips!

• You must always launch your VPN before opening the launcher.

• Not everything is translated. Using the Google Translate android/iOS app's camera feature can help from time to time. (Or help contribute!)

• World 13 is where all the English speaking players are located.

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