Hello MMO – Which Game Will be the MVG of 2015?

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With time flies by, our Annual Readers' Choice Awards will be kicked off on Dec. 1st. In this year, there are lots of excellent games that have brought us lots of enjoyments. Among them, which one do you like best?

In this month, we have been holding a nomination for the event. Thanks to all of you, there are lots of excellent games have been added into the nominees list. Today I'm gonna recommend some excellent games that are in the nominees list. Do you think they will be the winner of Annual Readers' Choice Awards event? If you want to recommend some other games, you can also reply in the nomination thread.

Hello MMO


10. Supernova

In this year, there are several new MOBA games coming out, and Suprenova is the one that caught my eyes. Developed by Bandai Namco, Supernova is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with real-time strategy elements coming to PC later next year.


The game has just launched its 2nd closed beta this month. In this beta test, some new features and updates stemming from the data and feedback have been added to the game to enhance players' experience. In addition, there are also some new skins and upgraded rewards waiting for you in game. Have you tried this game yet? Do you think it will become the most favorite MOBA in 2015?




Early this month, the fantasy MMORPG ASTA launched its first public beta. The initial beta test gives players a first insight into the game's settings and features, allowing them to progress up to level 50 and experience every facet the game has to offer. Players can immerse themselves in a beautifully crafted fantasy world inspired by Asian myths and legends, in which two factions vie for control and power: The Asu, followers of the goddess Arita, and the Ora, the disciples of the dark god Umra. Players can choose between 3 races per faction, and a total of 5 distinct classes.


MMOsite was also honored to have an interview with the ASTA team this month, discussing some details about this beta test. From the interview we learnt that the English version of ASTA is a bit different from the Korean version, making the game much more suitable for the western players. Although we still don't know the launch time of ASTA's open beta, we believe that it won't take a long time. Will you vote for ASTA as the most anticipated game?

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