Learn Language with Music, Lyriko to Help TODAY

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There are many ways for learners to study a foreign language, bu the best way is always to have the linguistic habitat or oral speaking environment. That’s why many English learners prefer to listening to BBC news and watching English movies and TV series. But that is not enough, the developer of Lyriko brings us songs to learn foreign language with pleasure.


With Lyriko we can learn with pleasure. It is a kind of matching game full of beautiful music and fun challenges. Normally the game can be played in four modes: Picture It-find pictures to match the lyrics with highlighted color; Impostor- find the wrong words; Interlude- find the missing words; Reference- practice the song too. Besides ,there are Achievements to challenge, Friends to share and compete with and shops to buy more songs.



It is amazing to have the language learned and a beautiful song memorized, and from today on you can do it with you mobile devices downloading from the links below.

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