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Most MMORPGs are full of different quests, and WildStar is no different. A common issue, though, is that players will either out-level some of them (such that they no longer show up on mini-maps), or simply don’t know where to go. Along with this, it can be difficult to know which ones have been missed. In the case of Rift, for example, there are achievements for finishing every quest in a zone, but there’s no marker to explain which ones you still need. While online databases can help find the missing links, they’re a less than preferable way to handle it. WildStar really takes the cake when it comes to finding what you’re missing, which is essential for achievement farming and getting back on track if you move from PvE to PvP for a while or level up solely through PvP. This is a system that a lot of other games could learn a lot from when it comes to quality-of-life enhancements.


Why it Matters

Different people play games for all sorts of reasons. Some are interested in the story line (which takes place through the various quests), some want to get all of the achievements, some are there for the competition (PvP), and some just to explore the world and see what all the game has. For those that are interested in the lore and achievements, getting every quest is paramount. And it’s a lot of work to try and figure out what you’re missing, by exploring the different zones looking for that one quest (or multiple) you still need.

This is also extremely beneficial for players that are simply lost and aren’t sure where they should be going next, as every quest has its recommended level beside it. A quick check gives a map location so you can go straight there – an essential aspect for progression and full game completion.

How it Works

When viewing the game’s “Content Finder,” there are multiple tabs, and each tab has its own categories underneath it. In this case, we’re looking at PvE’s tab, and the “Quests” category. Here, we can see every zone there is, what level they’re designed for (grayed out ones are too high for our level), and what percentage of the quests from each map have already been completed. For example, in the image below, I’ve finished all of Crimson Isle’s quest, none in Levian Bay, and about a quarter of Deradune. Just by looking at these, it’s clear what still needs to be done to snag the related achievements.


Digging deeper into it, you can see the locations of each quest, their level requirements, and even pinpoint the quests to track them easily on the map. This makes it fast and easy to find just what you’ve missed and head over to get it knocked out.

Opening the Doors to Progression Your Way

One of the best parts about WildStar’s PvP system is that it grants experience from kills and battleground completion. These allow you to level solely off of PvP if you wish (starting from level 6, when the first battleground opens), but would normally lead to issues if you got to, say level 35, and then decided to go to PvE to level or just to see what’s out there. With the easy pinpointing the game offers natively, you can jump either all the way to the beginning and start knocking those out, or quickly get to where you would normally be if you were leveling up solely through PvE.

The other great benefit about this system is that you can choose to skip quests you don’t feel like doing. Maybe it’s because you like to do quests that are for higher levels than you or because you have already out-leveled the previous quests. In either case, the Content Finder will help get you back on track and right where you want to be.

Recommended Content

Another cool feature of this system is that not only does it show what all you’re missing, but it also shows recommended content. For example, it’s recommending that I do the following three things:

• Fragment Zero (Expedition)

• Spearclaw Post (Quest Hub in Deradune)

• Walatiki Temple (First Battleground)

For the expedition and battleground, it lets you queue quickly. And for the quest hub, it adds a marker on your map, shows the location, and even gives an arrow to help guide the way!


No Third-Party Tools Needed

Mods have come out for many games that allow you to track quests that you’ve done and the ones you still need so that you can progress quickly. They also point you in the right direction, but often come with little quirks or bugs in them. And sometimes there are no mods at all, instead forcing you to rely on third-party websites to try and decipher what to do and where. In either of these cases, these tools can become outdated or ditched altogether as the creators and community members keeping them alive move on to other games. With WildStar, this isn’t an issue: it’s built right into the core game, removing any doubts and ensuring you don’t get stuck with the “phantom quest” scenario (where there is supposedly a quest but you simply cannot find it).

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