Game of Thrones Overload - From Video Games to Slot Machines

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The Game of Thrones is a veritable success story. Written by George R. R. Martin, the story of the Seven Kingdoms called A Song of Ice and Fire has started out as a brief detour into the world of fantasy novels - and it has turned him into a renowned and appreciated celebrity writer loathed for killing off characters in the epic story. Few people know that his career as a writer has started over three decades ago - he sold several short stories to various magazines, was nominated for multiple Hugo and Nebula awards, and he wrote the inaugural episode of The Outer Limits, which was based on his short story with the same title.

Game of Thrones

Songs of Ice and Fire was the novel that brought Martin the well deserved success. He started writing the novels in the series in 1991, releasing the first novel in the series The Game of Thrones in 1996. The fourth novel in the series has propelled him to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, and HBO bought the rights for the entire series soon after. The series based on his novels has become one of the most successful of all time, winning multiple awards and spawning comic books, card and board games, RPGs and video games in the process.

Aside from strategy and role playing games, Game of Thrones appears in a place where you wouldn't expect it: real money online gaming portals. Last year HBO made a deal with Microgaming, a game developer behind gambling portals like the Royal Vegas Online Casino, to release a slot machine based on the fantasy world of Westeros. The game was released last fall, joining hundreds of other video slots at the Royal Vegas Casino. While it doesn't reveal anything new in the story, its soundtrack and graphics make it stand out from the crowd. It doesn't feature any main characters from the series, but iconic creatures - like the three-eyed raven and a White Walker - appear in various stages of the game. You can try the Game of Thrones video slot free of charge at the Royal Vegas, or play it for real money if you like.

Game of Thrones

As all hugely successful franchises, Game of Thrones / A Songs of Ice and Fire has had a huge influence on our culture. Today it can be seen everywhere - I've even seen street ad posters based on the Iron Throne. Memes based on the characters and visuals from the series are pouring from all social media channels, and friends keep asking friends if they have seen the latest episode of the iconic show. But as I hear, the story will end with the seventh season. The tortured souls of Westeros will finally find some well deserved rest. And, given the Game of Thrones overload we've been subjected to in the last few years, I say it's time for it to finally end.

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