Guild Wars 2 Reward Track Overhaul Coming in Heart of Thorns

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With Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns just around the corner, a change to the game’s structured PvP reward tracks has been announced, as well as some brand new rewards, new track types, and many new tracks. Most of these are only available through the expansion, though some are openly available to everyone. The end result of these changes is a huge boost in being able to do structured PvP for progression, as well as getting an expanded reward pool for doing so, including new materials that are used for the crafting of new legendary items.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Mist Champion Reward Track

The Mist Champion reward track is a new one that you earn by opening the “Mist Champions” tab in the PvP Build panel and then selecting the Mist Champion of your choice. Unlocking new Mist Champions will come with a fee in gold. As for unlocking them, Grymm Svaard’s reward track will be open to everyone, while Nika and all future Mist Champion tracks are only going to be available with Heart of Thorns. For those that don’t have the expansion and don’t want to spend gold on this new system, Turai Ossa will be available immediately for everyone and does not come with a reward track.

As a side bonus to the Mist Champion reward tracks, once the first track is completed, a second one is unlocked that allow you to earn that Mist Champion’s miniature. All future Mist Champions will have the same availability, by completing their normal reward track and then bonus ones. Note, however, that each of these come with their own gold costs, and each of the champions must be unlocked separately.

PvP Rank Reward Tracks

A new set of reward tracks is coming that is based on your PvP rank. These will reward you with new rank finishers in an alternate version of the current ones, all created with the theme of Heart of Thorns. This is for expansion owners only, and those who have it will start out with the Jungle Rabbit reward track. As you complete this, new tracks will open until you’ve hit your current rank, which caps out at Dragon. A brand new finisher is also attached to the Dragon reward track, which was specifically created for the expansion. Once you have caught up to your current rank and completed the reward track for it, you will need to continue gaining sPvP experience to get to the next rank, at which time you will unlock the new reward track.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

New Reward Track Rewards

On top of the new reward track types, old tracks are also being updated with the game’s expansion. A new crafting item, Shards of Glory, is coming, which will be part of the new legendary crafting system. All reward tracks are going to be updated with these new items, and they will be taking the place of some transmutation stones (two of the four transmutation stones per reward track are going to be replaced with these Shards of Glory). This change appears to affect both the new reward tracks and the existing ones, making them fairly easy to get a hold of for the more active sPvP players.

New Black Lion Chest Keys

While Black Lion Chest Keys can be obtained via the personal story and be purchased from the in-game shop, these are also being added to some of the new one-shot reward tracks. It’s said that these include all of the upcoming Mist Champion reward tracks, as well as all of the new rank-based tracks. This should increase the number of free keys that are available substantially, while giving sPvP players the ability to earn them as well (as opposed to just PvE, through the personal story system). For most players that spend the majority of their time in sPvP, these should not be a problem to snag, though it may take a while to do so.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Great Rewards for PvP

This huge overhaul of the reward track system and addition of new track types and rewards is a huge step up for players that are primarily focused on structured PvP. It’s been a little neglected in the past, with PvE players getting all the best updates, additions, etc., but this update helps give both something new to work towards and a sense of accomplishment. And since things like the rank-based reward tracks are retroactive (in that you can blast through them until you get to the one for your current rank), getting caught up will be a cinch. Essentially, these changes help put sPvP further into its own category, where it can be completely separated from the rest of the game (like WvW and PVE).

Do keep in mind that a lot of this content is based on those who have purchased the game’s expansion. Some of it will be openly available to everyone, but the majority will not be. As such, some of this will pertain to some players and others won’t.

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