Why Elder Scrolls Online's Sieging is Awesome

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Sieging is just one thing in the arsenal of things to do in Elder Scrolls Online, but it’s a fun, action-packed event. Pitting teams up against one another (with three teams all fighting for control of land and buildings), it leads to a lot of great battles. Compared to how most games that handle sieging do it, ESO is the most realistic and offers a lot more strategy-based combat than is seen most everywhere else.


Keep Destruction and its Effects

One of the coolest parts about ESO’s siege system is that when a keep is taken over, it doesn’t repair itself. Instead, players have to spend their own money to rebuild whatever was destroyed during the takeover battle, which leads to a lot of strategy when it comes to deciding the best way to handle the attack. For example, while the walls can all be destroyed, that leads to either having to pay a lot to get them rebuilt or just sit around and let enemies run straight into the keep with little to no resistance at all. On the other hand, taking down as little as possible creates a central area for the battle, with defenders having a somewhat narrow course for taking down their attackers. In essence, the goal isn’t to do as much damage as possible, but rather to do as little as possible, while still pushing for a successful takeover.

Siege Weapons and Health

Another great thing about ESO’s sieging is that weapons have health that decreases with each attack. A trebuchet firing shells, for example, will lose a bit of its HP with each rock it throws. To combat this, players are either forced to keep repairing the siege weapons or carry around multiple. This creates its own set of strategy, though, in that a couple of siege weapons will almost always be destroyed (from enemy fire or not) before taking down an enemy keep. On top of this, if enemy players get close to the siege, they can light them on fire, taking them down fairly quickly. The reality is that multiple people need to bring siege, and prepare for them to be destroyed during a battle.


Teleporting Paths

ESO’s war field is huge, to say the least. It takes up to 30-45 minutes to run from one side of the map to the other while mounting, which helps show just how big it really is. Within it, there are tons of keeps that can be held by each team, and each one is interlinked to others (two others, to be exact), creating a sort of web for getting around. To move from one area to another, therefore, isn’t as simple as just choosing where to go. Instead, the choice must be based on what’s available at the time and where that is relative to the location you attempt to go to. In the middle of some heated battles, for example, it’s often possible to be faced with a run that is 5-10 minutes long to get back to the fight. The end result of this is that traveling can sometimes be painful, and that in itself is a harsh death penalty that pushes players to do their best not to get killed. Along with this, it also pushes for taking specific keeps from the enemy in order to unlock different teleporting paths to make getting around that much faster and easier.


Teamwork is a Must

Teamwork is a central aspect of the sieging system. Without it, everyone gets disorganized and players start running off and getting killed time and time again, or keeps are easily taken by enemies. It’s not at all uncommon for two teams to be ganging up on the third, and that creates even more teamwork necessity. From the second the battlefield is joined, there is often a lot of spam about the different groups that are recruiting, or directions on where the combat is taking place. In cases where there are a lot of players online taking part in the sieges, oftentimes it will lead to multiple offenses and defenses going at the same time. For example, it’s fairly normal to be working on taking two enemy keeps at once, or defending two of your own while trying to take down the enemies. Joining a team and working with them on their specific goal is the main thing you end up doing when entering the fray.

Level Boosting From 10+

Last but not least, sieging in ESO is available to pretty much everyone. While the level cap is much higher than 10, anyone from level 10 and up is free to enter. And stats are boosted to make lower levels more competitive, leading to a pretty fair battleground to fight in. A great side effect of this is that the boosts also work when doing PvE content within the battleground, leading to the ability to fight higher level mobs and get good drops – even for those that are lower level. All in all, the entire area ends up being a central part for end-game, with PvPers and PvEers alike joining it for various purposes.

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