Heroes of the Storm - Johanna is the Definition of Unfun

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Johanna’s presence in a Heroes of the Storm match makes the game no longer fun to play. Heroes of the Storm is supposed to be focused on promoting team play and working together. That’s why you level up as a team instead of individually and that’s why there are no items. Heroes aren’t supposed to become so powerful they could fight the entire other team by themselves. So why is there a character in the game that can single handedly combat an entire team alone, survive the encounter, and change the outlook of the match without even needing teamwork to do it?

Heroes of the Storm

In the screenshot above, Johanna has over 133,000 damage taken and only a few deaths. She’s meant to be a tank but that is a little absurd considering my other four teammates COMBINED for roughly 185,000 damage. Three of them combined for just 99,000 damage. In other words Johanna literally could have taken every single point of hero damage that three out of my four teammates doled out the entire length of the game and then some. Why is this one hero worth more than three others?

The problem with Johanna isn’t that she is just super tanky, that would be fine if that were her main advantage. The problem is with her ridiculous amounts of crowd control combined with this tankiness. She has TWO stuns, a slow, AND a blind. Who designed this kit and why did they think it was balanced?

Heroes of the Storm

How is a Sgt. Hammer, for example, ever supposed to combat a Johanna? It is literally impossible. Johanna can simply blind Hammer with Shield Glare. Then if Hammer attempts to retreat, Johanna can stun her and pull Hammer back toward her with Condemn. After that comes another two second stun from Blessed Shield. Altogether you are looking at 3.75 seconds of being blinded and stunned. 3.75 seconds of not being able to do anything in a MOBA is an eternity.

Even if you are able to survive those 3.75 seconds of sitting on your thumb, then you have all her tankiness to overcome. Iron Skin absorbs 1,300 damage which can be further increased with talents such as Hold Your Ground. It pretty much doubles her health which already ranks among the highest of any hero. She can also reduce basic attack damage against her by half with Reinforce, her level one talent. Then she can pick up Spell Shield later on to reduce ability damage by half as well.

Heroes of the Storm

Almost every level grants her access to an incredibly useful talent, which is actually quite rare for a character on Heroes of the Storm. Laws of Hope increases her health regeneration and also gives her a 20% heal with a lowly 60 second cooldown. Battle Momentum decreases all her cooldowns with each basic attack which allows her to heal more often, shield more often, blind more often, and stun more often. Then there’s Indestructible, one of the most broken abilities in the game which, upon taking fatal damage she will gain a shield equal to her max health instead of dying. What? So you have to kill her twice? Then if you count the shield from Iron Skin plus the healing from Laws of Hope, you literally have to kill her three times before she actually goes down. Yes no wonder the Johanna took 133,000 damage in that game with only four deaths.

Heroes of the Storm

Indestructible is like the Guardian Angel item on League of Legends except much better. Johanna doesn’t have to buy it whereas it’s relatively costly in LoL, it instantly gives Johanna 100% of her health as a shield whereas in LoL it revives you with only 30% health after a short delay, and it has a 120 second cooldown whereas Guardian Angel has a 300 second cooldown. Clearly Indestructible is broken.

Johanna should without a doubt be nerfed. She should either be high sustainability OR have massive crowd control. Not both. If Blizzard wants to give her all these shields, heals, and health then take away some of her stuns or her blind. Players want to be able to play the game and when you get killed after not being able to do anything for 3.75 seconds, it just seems cheap and unfun. Johanna shouldn’t completely negate a person’s ability to play the game just because of what hero they picked but if you pick someone like Sgt. Hammer or Raynor and you’re facing a Johanna, you might as well idle at fountain. That’s not good for the game.

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