ArcheAge Gets Much-Needed Server Merges and Land Reset

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One of the best changes to come to ArcheAge recently was server merges and a land reset for those affected servers. Players have had a lot of complaints about the game since its release, especially when it comes to land ownership (which was dealt with by doing a reset of land plots on merged servers) and the mergers themselves, in an effort to help bring some more population to the game. After all, it’s a common occurrence with games that a large group of players will join a new game, play for less than a month (this is especially true with subscription-based games, where they will play for the “free 30 days” and then leave), and move on to another game. Having server mergers is, therefore, something that happens pretty frequently in the MMORPG world – an influx forces more servers to be released, followed by a loss of players, leaving some of the less popular servers feeling a little desolate at times, which ends up pushing the idea that a game is dead, causing a bigger loss of players. This is especially true in a game like ArcheAge, where a lot of the features rely on having a nice, stable population of players to fight with and against – from events to trade runs and pirating, most things are either impossible without – or just much more fun with – someone else.


Feeling… Alive

A lot of players that have been in ArcheAge over the past couple months have felt the loneliness and emptiness of their servers. While some are (and were) extremely populated, that was the exception, rather than the norm. And while this is great for those that were interested in running trade packs, taking ships out on the ocean, etc. without having to worry about pirates or other enemies, it detracted highly from the game. One could go around in the ocean for hours with their radar up and never even see an enemy boat or ship, making the waters feel like they’re completely empty.
With the mergers, there are more players out and about exploring the world, running errands, boating, etc. It’s still not a situation where the waters are so full that you can’t even take your ship out without running into someone, but it’s a far cry from how bad it was prior.  This brings about the strong community feel we’ve all been looking for, and this even stretches into PvE areas, whether you are interested in dungeons, farming, or doing events and raiding. Everything just feels that much more alive.


New Communities

A great side effect of server mergers is that new communities are formed. Most players that were active on their own server are aware of who is there – at least the more prominent players in chat – and have a lot of familiarity with their play styles and mentalities. With a server merger comes completely new people, bringing about their own set of styles and personalities, helping breed some new diversity within the chat and in the world as a whole. For stronger guilds that have no issues taking down their enemies, for example, this helps bring about the possibility of having a much more powerful foe, lending a bit more strategy to the game than before.

This is also great for individuals, who have a much larger player pool to join forces with for quests, farming, or just exploring and having fun. Prior to the merge, solo players were often left behind, with guilds being the most prominent for the end-game content (especially since the open-world style helps foster the need for a guild to do a lot of the content).


Enhancing Casual Play

A big problem more casual players had with the game is that they couldn’t visit their houses due to being in a hostile zone (essentially, hostile zones have always been seen as bad housing areas, since guilds would often camp them for kills). A huge change that has come to ArcheAge to help solve this (though it’s worth noting that it’s still under evaluation and can be changed) is making houses and their surrounding areas immune to PvP. This has opened two doors: being able to place houses and other buildings where you wish (with no fear of not being able to access to them) and helping centralize PvP in other areas. While housing areas weren’t big targets for mass PvP, they were a strong target for griefers. For the more PvE-based players that wanted to build their own little empire but not deal with other players, this just didn’t work before.

Will it Help?

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen to the game as of right now. It’s helped bring together the communities that were already playing as it is, and should, in effect, help out new players that want to get involved but felt like they were logging into a ghost town. Being that not every server even needed a merge was a good thing, and giving players a somewhat fair start land-wise on those that did is a change that some are going to love and others are going to hate – but due to how the land works and the servers merging together, there really isn’t another way to handle it.

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