Dragon Nest Europe - Big Summer Update with New Lancer Class, Eventsand New PvP Content

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Publisher Actoz Soft Europe expands Dragon Nest Europe by adding a steamy summer event area, the Hot Springs, a classical tournament mode for the PvP Colosseum and the new Lancer class. Defined by her far-reaching spear attacks, the Lancer brings a unique and refreshing take on the melee role into the game.

Dragon Nest Europe

Sweeping her enemies off their feet

Her acrobatic combat style paired with her impeccable spear mastery makes her a noticeable combatant in the fight for Althea. The recently released trailer provides a first glance at the Lancer’s mercurial personality:

The Lancer’s weapons are crucial for keeping up her aggressive and flexible fighting style. Her giant lance will keep her enemies at a safe distance and if one manages to push through her attacks, she can easily deflect the blows with her bracelets.


Once players hit level 15, they can unlock the first job specialization, the Dragoon. Depending on their preferences, players can choose one of two second specializations when they hit level 45. Players who favor a certain magic touch are well off with a phantom spear summoning Valkyrie, whereas players who are more into strength-based combat should choose a Boadicea who will ferociously jump at her enemies to give them a taste of her lance.

Dragon Nest Europe

Protecting the land from evil

50 years ago, the great warrior Barnac has formed a secret brotherhood to maintain peace in Althea. With darkness taking hold of the world, the Brotherhood of Steel is now sending out the current leader’s two daughters to save Althea. Forged in the Brotherhood of Steel to maintain justice, the Lancer will strike down her enemies. Her mission is to protect the Vision Orb from the influence of evildoers and to unmask the traitors working against the forces of good.

Steamy Mountain Spa and self-organized PvP tournaments

After hard days of fighting dragons, even the toughest hero could do with a relaxing day at a spa, so the September patch includes the Hot Springs event. Every day, between 17:00 and 21:00 CEST, players can change into comfortable bathing costumes and take a nice steam bath to unlock various buffs, such as increased drop rates, character stats and EXP gain. Or try out the new Tournament Mode map. Here players can fight out their quarrels by hosting own 1 vs 1 tournaments to determine the best of them all. By completing missions in the new map, they can gain various rewards, such as 20 PvP Medals.

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