Revelation's Brand New PvP Mode Unveiled

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In this summer, Revelation has brought us so many surprises including the Spectacle system and new style "Mei". Recently, the publisher NetEase announced that they will launch an exclusive battlefield named "无界之地" soon for the upcoming Guild Tournament.


This Guild Tournament will be opened to all the servers. According to the players' levels, this tournament will be divided into two groups named "青龙" and "白虎". It's a 30 vs 30 competition, while each guild can have at most 50 players to participate. The commander must choose the most proper team according to the situation of the battle.



The goal in Guild Tournament is to destroy your opponent's dragon ball, which is on the top of Dragon's Pillar. To destroy it, the aviation vehicle is necessary, and to get an aviation vehicle, you must occupy the resource points in the map to gain the resource first. When you get enough resource, you can summon an aviation vehicle. The aviation vehicle can not only defeat your opponent's sky army, but also support your land army to gain more resources.



Enlarging the battlefield from land to the sky is really a big challenge to each guild commander. Have you got a nice strategy for the Guild Tournament?

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