Crowfall Team Shared Their Ideas on Crowd Control

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By hatakeDate: Aug 20 2015 Views:


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Each game had its own variety of pain. In the early days of MMOs there were some extremely broken implementations where those being controlled just had to sit and watch while their characters got killed. Crowfall team is now tackling down the problem of Crowd Control, an aspect of MMO combat that players all love to hate.


"The greatest power ever made when used to stop an enemy fleeing, the worst power ever when used to stop you from fleeing." said in the new Crowfall dev. diary. The team shares several ideas and approaches for implementing crowd control, for example, use the halving-duration technique coupled with a short duration immunity after suffering from multiple crowd control effects.


What's more, a 'Team Effort' video and an 'animating the gryphon' video are released by the dev. team, interested players can watch them below and find more details on their Official Website.

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