Top 5 Strongest Heroes in Heroes of the Storm

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MOBAs seem to be notoriously difficult to balance for some reason as developers constantly release patches that buff some characters and nerf others. Heroes of the Storm is no different than other MOBAs in this regard. As new heroes are released, the delicate balance of the game is once again thrown into turmoil and new tweaks are needed in subsequent patches. Some heroes inevitably become overpowered. Here are the top five strongest heroes in Heroes of the Storm at this time (at least, in my opinion).

5) Leoric


Leoric is the newest hero to be released and has come out swinging for the fences. He is a unique character in that whenever he dies, he can resurrect himself right there on the spot. Players have found ways to abuse this game mechanic by completely disregarding their own lives and making a beeline straight for the enemy base, taking down their forts and ultimately the nexus without any regard for how many times they get cut down in the process. Despite Blizzard attempting to nerf this strategy in the latest patch, which at least makes the tactic no longer absolutely game breaking, Leoric has proven to still rank among the strongest champions in the game. His tankiness combined with his Undying trait helps him absorb ungodly amounts of damage with little consequence.

He has the highest win rate by far, winning 58.2% of his games according to statistics on As a side note, although Hotslogs is not exactly the most reliable source for information on individual players because unless players go out of their way to upload their replays to the site, it will only pick up around a third of their games, Hotslogs is still useful when judging general data taken in aggregate so the fact Leoric has the highest win rate in the game right now speaks volumes about his power level. Interestingly enough, his win rate has actually gone up since Blizzard nerfed some of his abilities.

4) Zeratul


Zeratul is one of those champions that completely turn the tide of games, especially in Quick Match. You know when there is a Zeratul in the game and if you don’t pay attention to him, he’s going to murder you for it. Perhaps in ranked playlists skilled players can better coordinate to avoid getting ganked by him but he is undoubtedly a terror in Quick Match and this earns him a spot on the list of strongest heroes. Zeratul is strong because he is permanently cloaked and has high amounts of burst damage.

Some people swear they can easily see the shimmer of a cloaked enemy but other people have trouble with it. Either way unless you are constantly on your toes, which most casual players aren’t, Zeratul can sneak right up next to you without you ever knowing and blow you out of the water before you even have a chance to react.

Zeratul also has very high battlefield mobility thanks to his Blink ability. This can be used to chase you down when you try to limp away after his initial ambush, or alternatively it helps Zeratul escape danger after the attack or if he makes a mistake. He is very slippery and difficult to kill.

3) Nova


Like Zeratul, Nova is a permanently cloaked hero that has ridiculous levels of burst damage. With the right talent build, Nova can literally deal over three thousand damage to you in the blink of an eye. Unless you are playing a tank that has a boatload of health, this means you are dead. No chance to fight back. Just dead. Even tanks will be close to death after her attack. Triple Tap is easily one of the most frequently complained about abilities on the forums in the entire game.

While she may not have the same level of mobility as Zeratul, her Clone ability has been known to save many Novas from meeting a gruesome death. When activated at the right time this ability can pretty much turn a sure-fire death into a 50% survival chance.

Also like Zeratul, Nova can single-handedly be a deciding factor in Quick Match games. She can just steamroll people. Merely seeing a Nova on the enemy team changes the entire way the game is played and you constantly have to be on the lookout for that faint shimmer.

For more details on just what makes Nova so dangerous, see my previous article on the subject: “Nova Needs a Nerf.”

2) Jaina


According to statistics on, Jaina is the most frequently played hero in the game. That should tell ya something right there. She also has a win percentage in the top five. What makes Jaina so dominant is her persistent crowd control effects coupled with her high damage output. Once Jaina hits you with ANY of her abilities, your movement speed is basically crippled thanks to her Frostbite passive. It is very hard to get away from her after being hit without taking a lot of damage (unless you can Blink away like Zeratul for example). She wears you down from a distance, forcing you to heal and ultimately forcing you to either recall and lose towers or die trying to defend them.

Jaina can literally slow your movement speed forever if she can keep landing Frost Bolt because Frost Bolt has a cooldown of four seconds. Guess how long the Chill effect lasts for hitting you with a Frost Bolt? You guessed it – four seconds. That means she can repeatedly hit you over and over right before it wears off, and keep you permanently slowed, as long as she has the mana for it. Learning Lingering Chill makes Jaina’s slow last even longer.

If you commit to attacking her after being hit, she will most likely melt you as any subsequent ability hits she lands on you critically strike for an impressive +50% damage. Blizzard is one of the strongest spells in the game thanks to this effect, especially if the Jaina player focuses on building up the ability with talents like Snowstorm, Storm Front, and Snow Crash. Jaina isn’t even all that hard to play. New players can beast with her just as well as veterans.

So who could possibly beat out Jaina on this list?

1) Kael'thas


Kael'thas got a round of nerfs from Blizzard in the last patch but it really didn’t put as much of a dent in his power level as I expected it to. He still has one of the highest damage outputs in the game and that earns him the number one spot on this list. He is the second most frequently played hero but arguably the most feared.

His area of effect Q is what gives Kael'thas a lot of his power. When empowered with Verdant Spheres, it deals over 700 damage and is hard to avoid. Kael'thas also has an on-demand stun in Gravity Lapse. Although it is technically a skillshot and can either miss or hit an unintended target, it is pretty easy to snag who you are aiming for (especially if your target is a melee hero right up in your face). If you are playing a squishy hero and you get hit with a Gravity Lapse, you are as good as dead – it’s a free kill for him.

Kael'thas also has two viable ultimate abilities. Phoenix is probably the more frequently seen spell but Pyroblast is no joke. Pyroblast alone deals a whopping 1,600 base damage and can’t be avoided once it’s in the air. That is like having a button on your keyboard that says “get a kill.”

While Jaina is more about wearing you down and punishing you over time with her slows plus damage, Kael'thas’ modus operandi is walking up to you, stunning you, and simply draining your health down to nothing before you can fight back. In my eyes this makes Kael’thas one of the most powerful heroes in Heroes of the Storm. He is a powerhouse.

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