A First Look at the Dynamic World of Land of Britain

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Land of Britain is the new dynamic MMORPG made in Potato Killer Studios, set in the lands of Britannia where three Kingdoms – Talamhria, Norsengard and Avalon, will face each other for their survival.

Land of Britain is characterized by an unique world that constantly changes due to the events, atmospheric ones and not only. The dynamic world of Land of Britain will grow with the player and, of course, early in the game all the players will be at level 1. Therefore, why have Mobs, Bosses and Dungeons with a level significantly higher than yours? These would only have a negative impact on the gameplay, making the game boring and frustrating, especially for less experienced players.

Land of Britain

With Land of Britain, Dungeons, the locations, the Mobs and the Bosses will grow and change with the advance of history: an old abandoned temple could be invaded by a pack of Mobs, which will seize until making it the base of their interests, until transforming it in a Dungeon, and that's the same for each location in Land of Britain.

Just like the players, even the Mob will gain experience and evolve to become stronger and gain new, interesting skills. They, if belonging to different factions, will gain experience points by killing each other; if belonging to the same pack, they will gain experience pouring their anger on the defenseless player. Never underestimate the low level Mobs! If not faced in time, these creatures will organize themselves and their humble camp will soon become dangerous territory even with a den.

Obviously, the benefits associated with the dynamic world of Land of Britain do not stop here. Weather events will have a major role in the game because they will change the areas affected by these natural phenomena for its whole duration, bringing some important consequences. A shower could generate swamps and so attracting a group of Mobs that until then no one had ever seen, generating even feuds between the newcomers and the creatures that live permanently in that place.

A peculiar characteristic of the world of Land of Britain will be the alternation between day and night. This will bring the streets of the three kingdoms to be more dangerous once darkness fell, causing the most dangerous creatures coming closer to villages and towns; in the light of the Sun, life will return to flow calm in the Land of Britain making you meet new merchants with valuable cargos and goods that players can buy for a limited period. The night will be obviously more dangerous, but will also offer new Challenges, Quest and Events. The day-night alternation will bring with it several changes and opportunities to enjoy new experiences, so why barricade in the city?

The situations which arise with these events will be almost endless – a Quest gone bad could generate an unwanted situation, i.e. awakening an ancient evil that will allow players to take part in a new, unexpected adventure full of mysteries and puzzles to solve. The deeds of one person will change the history of the remaining players making Land of Britain alive and exciting in every single moment of the game.

Players can take advantage of these changes in their favor because the Mob, the location, the Quest, dungeons and all that will emerge from these events, involuntary or voluntary, will bring new content, which in turn they will create an unique adventure giving special Reward that will customize each individual player. Everything in Land of Britain can evolve and change its face, also a safe city of NPC could become home of the biggest evil.

The Rewards will be different for each player, so as to offer to the character a customization never seen before in a MMORPG. Each player has the right to stand out from others, and not just in words – which is why thare are so many random Events, Quests, Dungeons, PVP, the events of the Realm storyline and more will bring unique Rewards to show off freely wreaking the envy of other players.

The world of Land of Britain is a mysterious world, a world where you can never be absolutely sure that everything goes as planned, there will be variable and unexpected situations. It will be an adventurous world where even the simple gathering can lead to unexpected discoveries and make a simple blow of a pickaxe your greatest adventure.

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