Enjoy Rainbow, Aurora, Thunderstorm and Eclipse in Revelation's Spectacle System

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Since the launch of beta test, Revelation has brought us so many surprises, and soon, you will see another surprise in the game. The spectacle system, which will be released in this week, is going to bring some rare views including rainbow, aurora, thunderstorm, and eclipse to all the gamers.


It's quite difficult for most of us to see the aurora in our real lives. However, you can now enjoy this brilliant views without waiting in cold poles. In Revelation, this beautiful aurora will undoubtedly make you moved.


Rainbow is the most beautiful view after the rain. On the blue sky, on the edge of the ocean, you will find the colorful rainbow smiling to this world.


Have you ever seen the eclipse? When the light of sun is being covered, when the world is becoming dark, will you feel afraid or admired? Where will you encounter the eclipse in Revelation?


In the thunderstorm days, it seems the whole world is trembling. Are you afraid of the thunderstorm even when you grow up?

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