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Dear MMOsiters, while our Skyforge Gift Pack key giveaway event is in full swing, we are honored to have an interview with the team behind this epic MMORPG. It has been half a month since the open beta launch of Skyforge, and I believe you must have a lot of questions about this game. That's why we had gathered a lot of questions from our community before we started this interview. Now just check below to see is there any information you're interested in.


Firstly, would you like to introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers?

Hi! My name is Aaron Biedma and I am the North American Producer for Skyforge here at

We know that Skyforge has just launched its open beta test. How do you feel the open beta went overall? How many players have taken part in by now? Any feedback?

We have been in our Open Beta (including the Early Access week) for several weeks now and it has gone very well - Players are enjoying Skyforge. We have been gathering a lot of information on current issues being brought to us by the community and constantly working on tackling them for the improvement of the game. For example, we have increased our server's capacities and general capabilities following the flood of new players during our first week! The suggestions/reports from the players are helping us develop changes and we have other substantial additions currently planned!

How long do you expect Skyforge to stay in open beta? Will there be any data wipe when the open beta ends?

First off, so there is no confusion, we will not be performing any additional wipes. The last wipe was prior to open beta and progress now is permanent. As far as how long we will be in open beta…as long as we need to. We are committed to fixing bugs and optimizing gameplay. When the game is ready to be called officially released we will do so. We're not rushing development.

Is there any sort of rough schedule for when new content will be available for players? Which new content do you think is the most special one?

There is a lot of exciting new content coming, like God Form, Invasions, Raids, Anomalies, and more. I personally am looking forward to God Form and the Invasions which are arriving in our next major update on August 11.


Can you tell us more about the PvP system, and your plans for it? Will there be more open world zones for PvP in the future?

PvP is going to be getting some love with some great updates and additions in the upcoming patch too! One of the big changes in this coming patch is that queues for PvP are going to be combined into either Small Battles or Massive Battles. Instead of entering the queue for a specific 10v10, you will queue up with others seeking larger battles allowing you to jump into a PvP match quicker than in its current rendition. Other changes include rewards being reworked & improved as well as a new PvP map arriving!

As for future plans, there is a lot being discussed and even more on our schedule. We are working on all aspects of the game and want to pay special care to both PvE and PvP elements.

Among the current 13 classes, which one do you like best? Will there be more new classes or advanced classes in the future?

You're making me choose? Ha! If I had to choose, I am really enjoying the Kinetic. I have a personal account that I play just like a normal player would. I've unlocked the Kinetic with it and have enjoyed working on its build and Atlas path. It is great in both PvE and PvP but I know players have been targeting Kinetics quickly when PvP rounds begin so you have to be on your toes. It is great, fast-paced combat. We are open to adding additional classes in the future and it is definitely something on the radar.

We know that we can change our class in Skyforge, but will it affect the storyline or the character's stats?

Changing your class does not affect the storyline. However, your stats can change if you switch to a class that you have spent less time/sparks with in the Ascension Atlas or have a lesser weapon with. There are shared stats, like in the Upper Atlas or with Rings, but the class specific sections of the Atlas and Amulets for example are specific to the classes and affect your class only while that class is active.

There are many players interested in the Pantheon Wars. Would you like to give us a detail introduction of it? How will you manage such a big event without any lag problem?

Pantheon Wars are large-scale, high-end competitive activities where Pantheon's face off against one another in a fight for glory, rewards, and control over Celestial Temples - These wars will occur each week. Celestial Temples will have a Pantheon that owns it, the victor from the previous war, who will receive special bonuses for the one week period until the new war begins.

The Pantheon War battles will be instanced for the Pantheons competing for the specific Celestial Temples they have bid for and won the right to attack/defend. Our server structure already handles countless instances with room to spare.

You can get more information here.


What can players look forward to purchasing from the item mall? Will it ruin the balance between players who buy virtual items and those who buy nothing?

We do not have a traditional item mall like many f2p games do. The Market, which can be accessed by pressing the "N" key once you complete the corresponding quest, is where you can purchase items using in-game currency that is earned or collected, such as Credits, Celestial Threads, Tuuta Leafs, and more. Some of the items can also be bought with Argents, the item shop currency, as a convenience. You can exchange Credits for Argents and vice versa through the exchange system. So with the in-game currency prices or the Argents you can get the same items be you a player who purchases currency from us or a player that collects the currencies.

In addition, sometimes the words "pay to win (p2w)" get thrown around quite liberally with any free to play game and for many of the games this can be true. However, in Skyforge all players, regardless of being a paying user or not, have an equal opportunity to get the items and equipment in-game that will make them stronger and progress. We are not selling anything that free players cannot get and that will give paying users a power advantage over a free user.

What's the ultimate goal that players are striving for in Skyforge? Is it possible for those players who like playing solo to reach this goal?

The ultimate goal of Skyforge is to amass a mighty Order and become a God. While unlocking your Divine Form is a significant milestone, it is merely the beginning of the journey as it grants access to high-end content such as Raids, Pantheon Wars, and more. Players playing only solo and not grouping can reach it but Gods are not alone on Aelion. Gods are working together to save the world and its inhabitants. It may be more difficult if you are not working together.

OK, last but not least, do you have anything else we didn't cover in this interview that you want to share with our readers?

Everyone here working on Skyforge wants to thank all of our players for their support throughout this launch. We love to hear from players and the media on what they are experiencing as well as suggestions they have on potential improvements. We welcome all of your input and encourage you to let us know yours on our forums as well as through our social media channels. We have a lot of new content we are excited about that is currently being discussed and designed for future updates. Stay tuned for more to come!

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