Heroes of the Storm: Leoric is Broken

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Leoric is the latest hero to be released for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is normally fairly adept at finding game-breaking issues before they turn into a major problem but unfortunately this time around they apparently dropped the ball because Leoric is so broken that he legitimately ruins any game he is in. I’m not just saying that he is overpowered. He is certifiably broken and was undoubtedly not intended to work the way that players are now using him.

Heroes of The Storm

The problem with Leoric is his trait, Undying. As the name of the trait would imply, Undying allows Leoric to resurrect himself after dying. Upon death, he will slowly regain health. Once his health is full, he comes back to life right then and there. This all but makes him invincible as dying is no longer something that he needs to avoid at all. While in his ghost form, his abilities can heal him which hastens his Undying resurrection but even if no enemy heroes are around him, he still comes back to life much faster than he would if he were to die normally. Not to mention the fact he doesn’t ever have to travel back to the front lines from the fountain. Because of the way Heroes of the Storm is set up with no items, Leoric never has to go back to base.

There are also several talents that he can learn which will quicken his recovery time as well such as Reanimation, Fealty Unto Death, Ossein Renewal, and Consume Vitality. None of these talents require an enemy hero to be nearby so even if you try to stay away from Leoric, it will not necessarily slow down his revival.

Since his release, players have even started making full “Undying builds” to utterly abuse this ability. This is a huge problem with the game overall because it has now been exploited by players to the point where Leoric literally just mindlessly pushes forward, dying over and over, reviving over and over, while slowly but surely taking down your towers, keeps, and eventually your core. He is literally unstoppable. It doesn’t matter how many times you kill him. Just take a look at the screenshot below:

Heroes of The Storm

In this game Leoric had zero takedowns and died a ridiculous 27 times. Yet look at his damage. He had almost 103,000 damage taken, dealt around 28,000 hero damage, and had roughly 116,000 siege damage dealt. Compared to everybody else in the game, these numbers are astronomical. He led his team in all three categories and led the game in siege damage by a very wide margin (even Azomodan – a specialist in siege damage – couldn’t keep up).  My team had 39 takedowns to their team’s measly nine. My team was also leading the game in levels. Yet we got absolutely crushed because Leoric simply couldn’t be stopped. This isn’t skill. This is the definition of a broken hero.

You might think killing Leoric time and time again would help in terms of soaking XP for your team, but what XP he gives up using this absurd strategy, he easily earns back for his team by taking down towers and keeps. Look at Leoric’s XP contribution in this game – nearly 12,000. Tyrael was the one tasked with killing him over and over and yet he only contributed 9,600 XP to his team. So Leoric’s repeatedly deaths didn’t actually help Tyrael’s team level up at all. There is absolutely no downside to this strategy.

All Leoric has to do is charge forward and attack your base. He will die, come back, and then kill more of your base. You can’t stop this strategy. This strategy is not legitimate. It does not take skill to pull off. It literally makes Heroes of the Storm unplayable and Blizzard needs to fix this immediately. It’s not fair that Leoric can conceivably come back to life in five to ten seconds when other players are out for a minute. A potential fix would be having his respawn time should increase each time he uses Undying. This would discourage repeated deaths and also scale his revives more evenly in late game.

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