Revelation New Cinematic CG Tells the Story Behind LiuGuang

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Chinese 3D Fantasy MMORPG Revelation is going to release the "Appointed Version" on August 7th. As we all know, there are 6 different classes in this game. Recently, the developer NetEase is going to introduce the stories behind each of these classes to all the gamers, and today, the first story is unveiled.

This new cinematic CG is about LiuGuang. In the beginning, he was just a common youth, drawing a picture for his fiancee. Everything seemed so sweet, and then sadly, the war came. Monsters broke into the town, killed his fiancee brutally. However, our hero didn't give up. He believed in the legend that LiuGuang could turn back the time, so he tried hard and finally became LiuGuang, learnt the skill to travel through time.


It's easy to travel back, but he never knew it's such a difficulty to rescue his fiancee. Every time he tried his best to protect his fiancee, but unfortunately she still got killed in another way. After thousands times, his hair turned white, and he finally accepted the fact of losing his lover. From that on, he is no more a man, but just a heartless LiuGuang.


As the opening chapter of Revelation's cinematic CG, the high quality of LiuGuang's story has made me really expect the following stories for the other classes. How about you?


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