Rush of Heroes: Strategy Guide, FAQ, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Below is some strategy guide, FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Rush of Heroes from Rush of Heroes is a free online Role Playing game developed by Firefly Games Inc. and is only available for Android on Google Play at the moment.

Beginner Tips – Don't level anything up until you have to as you never know what your gonna need gold for. Just upgrading heroes weapons and maybe armor can be enough to get pretty far. Always try to buy at least the first level for any available skills, then focus on the really useful ones. Having a good tank or 2 and a healer (only healers 5 in the game) can make battle much more survivable. Boss battle are best for single target hard hitting heroes while Normal and Elite mission will be easier to beat with group attacks because of more enemies.

Drop Rates – If your having a hard time getting materials to drop from stages they will have a better chance to drop on the furthest stage. The many different shops can also sell materials in whole, not just pieces.

Easier Battles – To make most stages easier save up all your skills for the last wave, then unleash everything you've got. This tactic can be used to get further than the developer might like for a current Power level. In some cases you might want to use 1 or 2 skills during a second round for the fast regeneration or big hitters.