Rush of Heroes Trials Tower Strategy Guide

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Below is a brief Rush of Heroes Trials Tower Strategy Guide with info on Clear and Attempts from


An Attempt is a chance at going up higher in the Tower. The player is limited to one try per day so it's best to do this at the end of playing for the day when your heroes are the strongest. Make sure to do this first before clearing as your gifts will be more plentiful.


When choosing the Clear option any time after completing a floor you will get a reward based on how far you got. It will also take time for the reward to generate based on how high you made it. You should always do this after attempting as you'll only get one chance per day and the bonus will be bigger if you can get further.

Chests & Keys

Your gonna get a ton of keys for opening chest for both completing floors the first time and by clearing it every day. The free stuff is really gonna stack up mid-late game when the massive amount of gold and stuff are rolling in..

If you can not get any further the next day selecting Clear will give the rewards based on floors completed again and every day after until getting high where it will gift more. This is one of my favorite feature that I have yet to see in any other game. It takes very little effort to make things happen and a great boost for building up the team.