Crowfall Knight Powers and UI Concept Preview

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Crowfall Design Lead, Thomas Blair wrote a big juicy blog about powers for the knight archetype, giving us the first look at the class's combat power, iFrame Powers, Passive Powers, ability tree, concepts and etc.


Mechanically, the Knight uses mana to fuel any power in the 1-0 position. His left click primary attack not only deals damage, it also restores his mana in large chunks… the further into the combo chain the more mana is restored. The third power in this chain also applies a short duration snare to the target. Periodically, the Knight will have to return to the primary attacks to regain his mana and/or keep his target snared.

His right click active shield block power does a LOT of different things.  It reduces incoming damage for the Knight, and for any friendly players standing behind him. This power is fueled by the stamina bar, which drains slowly over time.  In addition, whenever he is hit, his stamina is reduced in proportion to the hit.


Players who engage a blocking Knight will also have a chance to be knocked down when they hit the Knight with a front-facing melee attack, and ranged magical attacks can reflect instant damage back to the caster.

Finally, blocking increases the Knight’s mass and reduces his drag values, which means he is less likely to be pushed around by impulses and falls quicker when in the air.


There’s a lot more on the note, interested players can see more details about the iFrame Powers and Passive Powers on the official wbeiste.

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