Rush of Heroes Review: I Will Go Tanky!

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Written by Young Hwang

Imagine being a chibi cow warrior and putting up a legendary fight with your companions in the fantasy world. If you can imagine it, you can definitely immerse yourself in this excellent MMORPG experience of Rush of Heroes. Players would start out as a small but fearless warrior named Mutty. Do not be fooled by his adorable appearance, he is quite capable soaking some heavy damage for the sake of awesome loots. Rush of heroes is an action RPG that amazes players with addictive gameplay and interactive interface.

Rush of Heroes

For each battle, players are to battle their way to the end with a given time limit, faster you finish, better the reward. Players will be able to arrange a perfect formation to make full use of different ultimate skills, providing players to come up with their own strategy. There is an optional auto battle feature if players want to take a break non-stop action. Combat is very straightforward while special effects of basic attacks and skill graphic are eye-pleasing.

Boss battles are happens at the end of each chapter. The boss battle will have a different camera view from a normal stage and add certain difficulty for players to overcome. If you have trouble beating a boss, you should go back, regroup, upgrade skills, enhance equipment or summon new heroes. Loots from clearing stages enable players to choose from plenty of equipment to boost up combat power. Heroes will also change in appearance as their equipment get upgraded. Players can also summon new heroes by spending runes or collecting shards from elite instances.

Rush of Heroes

PVP arena is played in auto-battle as players can be randomly matched against another team. Arena Challenge Battle allows players to choose 8 heroes and ban up to 3 heroes in the opponent team, this brings tactics and strategies to the PVP battle. Socially, players can create or join guilds and receive unique items that can only be received by joining guilds. Guild instances allow users to raid bosses and acquire unique items. Another feature of the game is Outland which is a labyrinth for players to explore that is full of unique treasures and traps so be careful!

Rush of Heroes

More exhilarating features can be unlocked as players progress the game, which encourages players to level up. Only complaint about the game that is noticeable is noticeable is that most the game time will be spent on fighting. However, that is covered with straightforward combats along with hilarious banters with enemies and your heroes. If players get bored with intense battle, fishing and mining are available for players to get gold, rare gems and items.

Rush of Heroes

The game runs smoothly with full 3D graphics. The main UI is very user friendly as players can simply just tap features and get an instance access. Also with guild battles, players can team up to conquer various quest zones and raid areas which can only be defined by the world 'epic'. Also one of the most noticeable features in the game is the beautiful graphic of level design. For example, the design of crimson cathedral shows how much the developers spent time in designing the game with an artistic touch.

Rush of Heroes

With rich gameplay, graphic and a bit of sense of humor, Rush of Heroes offers players an incredible amount of content with depth. It is an enjoyable F2P game that ARPG fans should never miss out. Off we go!