Five Reasons Heroes of the Storm is Better than League of Legends

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Heroes of the Storm was officially released at the beginning of June. It is a new multiplayer online battle arena from Blizzard utilizing characters from all of their major franchises including StarCraft, WarCraft, and Diablo. Although Heroes of the Storm is still quite new it is already a much better game than League of Legends in my opinion. Here are five reasons why I believe that.

Heroes of the Storm

1) You don’t have to waste time last hitting minions.

One of the biggest things I loathe about League of Legends is having to last hit minions so much. It doesn’t make sense in-game first of all. Why would a heroic warrior that the minions are bravely following into battle simply walk around in circles as said loyal minions get slaughtered by enemies only to leap into action to strike a final blow each time? Not only is it silly to think of that happening in the game’s world, but it is also boring to do in the real world. I don’t want to walk in circles for twenty minutes, clicking minions that are almost dead to mine gold. How is that supposed to be fun?

Heroes of the Storm solves this problem because there is no gold so there is no farming of minions. Blizzard could have made it so you needed to last hit in order to gain the XP from minion deaths but luckily they did not make such a mistake. A hero only needs to be nearby when enemy minions die to reap the XP from it. There’s no reason to ever last hit and that makes a lot more sense as well as makes the game a lot more fun to play. You’re always actively doing something to help push a lane, not merely walking in circles like a dolt.

2) There are no items.

As mentioned in the previous section, there is no gold in this game therefore it should come as no surprise to learn there are no items either. As a veteran League of Legends player with over three thousand games under my belt, this admittedly took some getting used to. At first I expected this change would make the game too simple and bland but that is the furthest thing from the truth. It actually makes it much more exciting! Since there are no items, enemy heroes cannot get “fed” and become invincible by dominating your teammates on the other side of the map. There is pretty much no way one enemy hero could ever take on your entire team and beat them in Heroes of the Storm. I like that.

Just because there are no items doesn’t mean you can’t customize how your hero plays. Items are replaced by learnable talents which are gained at levels one, four, seven, ten, thirteen, sixteen, and twenty. There are four different learnable talents at each tier (except level ten which there are only two – powerful abilities that are the equivalent of a League of Legends ultimate). That means there are literally thousands of different build variations for each hero.

Having no purchasable items also means that for the most part, an enemy hero won’t ever become powerful enough to just blow you out of the water in fractions of a second like in League of Legends. There are a few exceptions to this of course (namely Nova who can de-cloak and wreck you because she is legitimately broken) but killing an enemy hero in this game takes more finesse, teamwork, and positioning than it does in League of Legends.

Heroes of the Storm

3) The game is very team oriented right from the start.

I am not going to argue that League of Legends is not a team-based game. It most definitely is. Most of the time, you need to work together as a team in order to win. But that’s only most of the time. Some of the time, you’re on your own. For example, during the initial laning phase, you are generally on your own to win your lane with the occasional gank to help you out (unless you are playing bot then you and a lanemate are on your own). You still have to level up individually and earn gold individually. It’s still up to you personally not to lose your tower in laning.

In Heroes of the Storm, everything is team dependent. Your hero doesn’t level up individually, your team all levels up together. Whenever you gain XP, your whole team gains it, not just you. This really gives a feeling that you are contributing to the overall advancement of the team. You aren’t just working to make yourself more powerful individually – you’re helping the whole team gain power.

As mentioned in the previous section, there are no items so it is much rarer to blow away an enemy hero within mere seconds and it’s next to impossible to take on numerous full-health heroes by yourself (if they know what they are doing, of course there are some exceptions). In Heroes of the Storm, you literally NEED to work with your teammates or you’ll never have any success even on an individual level. The game doesn’t even keep track of your kills, instead it tallies “takedowns” which are kills and assists combined into one stat. This small but important distinction on the scoreboard itself highlights the value of teamwork over individual accomplishment.

One other point of contrast worth bringing up is that in League of Legends, the jungler generally kills creeps on his own with perhaps help at the start of the match with a teammate “leashing” the big boys. In Heroes of the Storm, you need teammates to help you take down most mercenary camps, even after leveling up several times.

Heroes of the Storm

4) There are numerous different maps to play on.

League of Legends has one main map – Summoner’s Rift. There are other maps such as The Crystal Scar, Twisted Treeline, and The Howling Abyss, but these are all played on completely different game modes. If you want to play the main mode, you’re stuck on one map which plays the same exact way every single game. That gets boring after awhile.

Heroes of the Storm currently has seven different maps to play on called battlegrounds. While each battleground has a different theme, the core layout is pretty much the same with multiple lanes, towers, keeps, and a nexus all in the same places but each map is also slightly different. For example, the layouts of the jungles are different. Some have controllable watch towers that provide map vision and help prevent teammates from getting ganked. There are unique objectives on each battleground such as collecting seeds to create a monstrosity, collecting coins to have your enemy’s base bombed, or controlling shrines that shoot lasers at your enemies. This variation makes each game play slightly different than the one before it and keeps things fresh.

5) There is absolutely no way to talk to your opponents.

Another reason Heroes of the Storm is better than League of Legends is that there is far, far less toxicity and trolling. Having played the game for several weeks now, I have yet to encounter even a single troll. In contrast, I find at least one troll in every single League of Legends game I play.

The reason for this is simple. There is no All Chat in Heroes of the Storm outside of custom games. If you play matchmaking quick matches or Hero League matches, there’s not even an option to enable All Chat. And why should there be? What reason could you possibly have to ever communicate with an enemy team during the game other than to taunt them? In an article published back in January titled “How to Fix Toxicity in League of Legends,” I argued the case that removing All Chat from the game would drastically reduce the toxicity among the player base. Apparently Blizzard listened to my suggestion and guess what? It seems to work! There is no pre-game lobby chat or post-game lobby chat either so you literally have no chance to ever say a single word to your opponents. This is a good thing.

One other reason there is less trolling in Heroes of the Storm goes back to the fact you gain XP as a team and there is no gold or items so enemies cannot get fed off your teammates. In League of Legends, if you feed an enemy who becomes powerful due to your shortcomings, your team is going to get angry and blame you for making their lives harder later on. This doesn’t happen as much on Heroes of the Storm because generally you either succeed as a team or fail as a team. The only times I have ever seen anybody arguing with teammates is when they are late to team fights but even that just speaks more to the fact the game is so team oriented to begin with.

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