Revelation's Schedule for PvP Feature Unveiled

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The open beta of Revelation is now in full swing. Today, NetEase revealed their schedule for the game's PvP feature. Now just check below and see what we can expect this year:

Early June: New Arena Map "Pig Farm" Launch

Unlike the common hard-boiled arena, Pig Farm is a cozy place where you can enjoy the sweet and comfortable life. This small country is no doubt a perfect place to take a rest after battling.


Late June: Guild Challenge System Launch

Just around the launch of Open Beta, the Guild Challenge System will also become available for all the players. Thanks to this Guild Challenge System, all the guilds in game can challenge any other guild, and the guild who being challenged can decide the way of battling. What's more, players can even challenge the guilds in the other servers.


July: Two Tournament Launch

In this summer, there will be 2 tournament launch to all the players, which are arena tournament and guild battlefield.

The arena tournament will bring players 3V3 and 5V5 arena, as well as more arena maps. What's more, in the cross-server tournament, there will be more functions including ladder score, matching system, grade leveling up, fighting capacity evaluation and ranking list.

Meanwhile, in the guild battlefield tournament, there will be a brand new guild battlefield named "Lost Borders"(无界之地), bringing some awesome gameplays such as the air battle.


July and August: Cross-server Battle

Early in July there will be a brand new cross-server battlefield supporting 10v10 and 20v20 battle. In August, the cross-server matching system will become available. Players can open a room and asking players from any other server to have a 1v1, 3V3 or a larger scale battle.

October: Guild Headquarter Battle

Besides the current guild battle, there will be a brand new guild headquarter battle in October. The guild members should stand together to protect their own guild headquarter and gain resources from the opponent guild.

In addition, the Arena/Battlefield spectator mode, broadcast system and the lottery system will all be launched in the end of this year. Let's stay tuned!

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