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It has been a while since Echo of Soul entered open beta test, and I'm sure you must have some questions about the game. Recently we're honored to have an interview with the NA dev team of this game, and some of the questions in this interview were collected from our forum members. Just check below to find the information you may be interested:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your position working on Echo of Soul?

Sure! My name is Alex Billaud, and I'm the Associate Producer for Echo of Soul. I'm in charge of adapting Echo of Soul to the Western market and taking our community's feedback into consideration to improve the player experience over time and make it an even better game!

How would you describe Echo of Soul for someone who hasn't played it before? What makes it stand out?

EOS is one of the biggest and most ambitious MMOs ever made. It has a massive amount of both PvE and PvP content, enough that either of them could stand alone as a separate game. We've tried to perfect the things that people love about MMOs and bring them all together to make a single game that all fans will enjoy along the whole spectrum of players. It's the only MMO you'll ever need!

Echo of Soul

Open beta recently started. What changes have been made to the game since closed beta? (Question clarification: Any new content, change of systems, buffs/nerfs, etc.)

We have corrected quite a lot of bugs that were reported during CBT, and we have opened up our in-game cash shop.

Will there be another data wipe during Open Beta?

Nope, we have no more server wipes planned. This is the real deal!

When the game was in closed beta, the cash shop was rather sparse. What sorts of items will players find in the cash shop for Echo of Soul?

We want to keep the cash shop strictly to items for convenience and vanity, and leave out items that affect player power so that spenders and non-spenders are on an even playing field. We'll have costumes, for example, but we removed the stats from them specifically for our version of the game to avoid being "pay-to-win."

We also have an in-game currency called Magic Eggs, which can be traded in for some cash shop items instead of using real money. Some items can even only be directly obtained through Magic Eggs!

Echo of Soul

Are there any plans to remove gender locked classes in the future?

Our developers are always hard at work adding more to the game, but for now the focus is on bigger and better PvE and PvP content. There are no current plans to expand the genders for the classes.

Do you have any events planned for open beta?

We are finalizing the event calendar with the Game Team this week. Our website will be updated with the events by early next week.

Are there any plans for PvP tournaments in the near future?

This might happen indeed!

When do you envision the Warlock class being available for players? How does the class' gameplay differ from the currently implemented classes?

It's definitely in the works, but we don't have an official timetable on it yet.

Warlocks will have a mage-like playstyle with a large toolkit incorporating DoTs, debuffs, and direct damage spells.

Echo of Soul

What sort of content is planned to keep players interested in Echo of Soul in the future?

The biggest upcoming addition will of course be our raid instances for up to 20 players. We have some really epic and unique bosses waiting to be unleashed; it's going to be awesome!

Beyond that, we're working on the aforementioned addition of the Warlock class, new zones to explore and new quest lines to complete. We're also very excited about the upcoming mobile companion app that taps into all of the social features of the game (and more) straight from your phone!

What is your personal favorite feature of Echo of Soul?

My absolute favorite thing to do is grab some friends and take on a party dungeon. I really find that the combat system in EOS has a much higher emphasis on teamwork. Since there's no healer, everyone's right in the action and you need to cooperate effectively to keep everyone alive. When you bring down a boss, it really feels like a team accomplishment!

Echo of Soul

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