Heroes of the Storm The Mayhem Event Recap

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Heroes of the Storm has officially launched for some time, some of you may have experienced it, and how do you think of the Nexus? In order to promote this game to more players, Heroes of the Storm team recently has kicked off a new event, and here is the description of it: 


Heroes of the Storm players who tuned in to our Mayhem Begins live broadcast this past weekend were treated to a sneak peek at what awaits them when the when the High Heavens and the Burning Hells are pulled into the Nexus with their upcoming Eternal Conflict update. During the show, Heroes of the Storm revealed a terrifying new Assassin hero, a brand new Battleground, caught up with members of the Heroes community, and cheered on the teams that duked it out during live showmatches.

If you missed any of the broadcast on Saturday, or just want to get a second look at the Eternal Conflict content Blizzard has previewed, now’s your chance! Heroes of the Storm has got a complete VOD from the event embedded below, as well as a few screenshots that you can peruse for an even closer look at the Battlefield of Eternity and The Butcher.

The Mayhem Begins VOD

Battlefield of Eternity


Welcome to Battlefield of Eternity!


Concept art for the Battlefield of Eternity battleground


Fallen Shaman and Fallen Hound Mercenaries defend their turf against heroic challengers


The Butcher and his allies engage an Immortal at Battlefield of Eternity’s center

The Butcher


Johanna and The Butcher square off at the center of the Battlefield of Eternity


The Butcher fires up his Furnace Blast Heroic Ability


Heroes fall prey to The Butcher’s Lamb to the Slaughter Heroic Ability

More news about Heroes of the Storm please stay tuned!

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