Heroes of the Storm: Ten Most-needed Heroes from Diablo Universe

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As we know, Heroes of the Storm gathers all the characters from Blizzard's famous games, but Blizzard is still quite slow to release new heroes, especially heroes from Diablo universe. King Leoric the Skeleton King and The Butcher have already been teased as upcoming heroes, so that takes two big names off the list, has selected 10 Diablo characters MOST NEEDED in Heroes of the Storm, here THEY ARE. 


10. Eirena the Enchantress

DIablo III players will fondly remember this companion accompanying through the game's many battles. Her supportive and crowd-controlling abilities gave you some incredible tools to work with, and it would be amazing to see those same spells make their way into Heroes of the Storm. The game needs a support character from the Diablo universe, and Eirena the Enchantress would be a perfect fit. She could be a damage- and control-focused support character somewhat like Tassadar, giving out shield and stunning enemies. 


9. Necromancer

Blizzard is doing an excellent job breathing new life into their Nephalem characters, and the Necromancer needs to be done next. This character could be a specialist in the vane of Azmodan, but more focused on actual reincarnation instead of summoning. He could bring minion waves back to life, summon undead mercenary camps that can be re-captured, or any number of cool mechanics. 


8. Treasure Goblin

Treasure Goblins are a huge part of Diablo, and would be amazing to see in Heroes of the Storm. Many fans have envisioned them as an objective on a new Diablo-themed map, whereby you attack them to get coins or unlock something. But what if the Treasure Goblin was a new playable support character? Imagine this character running around and trying to take damage so that it can drop buffs and "armor" for teammates that can be picked up. It would play somewhat like Murky, having low health and quick respawns, trying to get into the middle of the fight.


7. Wirt

Veteran Diablo players will all be familiar with Wirt's Leg and the various jokes and lore that goes with it. I have no idea what this character would look like, what role it would fill, or how it could be designed effectively, but Wirt absolutely has to be added to the game eventually. 


6. Monk

Heroes of the Storm doesn't yet have a melee Assassin, and the Monk would fill that slot splendidly. The character's kit could be built around rapid attack speed and successive damage, buffing allies as you land consecutive attacks. Borrowing abilities from Diablo III would be amazing, particularly something like Seven-Sided Strike which allows you to wreak havoc in team fights with huge bursts of damage to anyone nearby. 


5. Baal

Of course all of the Prime Evils from Diablo lore will need to be added to the game eventually. Baal's title as Lord of Destruction would make him particularly fitting as an ability-focused ranged assassin. Since he's all about destruction, it would be interesting to see his design focused on damaging everything around (including allies). He could have huge damage spells that harm himself and teammates, making their high damage much riskier and far more strategic. Maybe he just has a damaging aura that prevents allies from standing nearby, making him a character all about trade-offs. 


4. Izual

Fallen angels make for great characters, and Izual is the Diablo universe's iconic fallen angel. His once-friend Tyrael is already in the game, and would make for some incredible banter between the characters. He'd likely be a melee warrior with freezing abilities, which would make him awfully similar to Arthas, but a few unique twists here and there could result in a wonderful new hero on the roster.   


3. Mephisto

As a Prime Evil, Mephisto will almost certainly be added to Heroes of the Storm eventually. He's called the Lord of Hatred, and it would be incredible to see his abilities centered around slow, unavoidable damage over time effects. Mephisto could be a specialist that slowly burns opponents from the inside, killing them 5 or 10 seconds after an engagement with lingering effects. He could also debuff characters that attack him, exploiting their hatred for his favor. This could be used to solo towers and forts incredibly well, giving him a unique way to push compared to other specialists.  


2. Imperius

When it comes to Diablo angels, Imperius ranks supreme. He's got the coolest armor, the best weapon, and a giant halo of badassery. He needs to be in another game with Tyrael so that players can all relive one of the best cinematics of all time. The most obvious design for this character would be as a melee warrior like Tyrael, but a creative take could make him a "tanky" support focused on buffing allies and doing damage, as opposed to healing. 


1. The Cow King

If any other character gets added to Heroes of the Storm, Diablo universe or otherwise, it has to be The Cow King. Blizzard clearly doesn't mind "cute" heroes in their game (Murky proves that), and this would be the most fun and nostalgic character available to them. If you're unfamiliar with The Cow King, then you're probably not a Diablo fan. This boss of the Secret Cow Level was beaten down countless times by Diablo II players, and I'm sure there's nothing more they'd love to do than beat it down in the Nexus every once in a while too.   

Heroes of the Storm still needs a lot more Diablo characters added to its growing roster. If only a handful of these characters get added in the next six months, it would make the game far more enjoyable for Diablo fans. If we manage to get them all eventually, Heroes of the Storm might as well be called Diablo IV! 

For more news about Heroes of the Storm, please stay tuned guys!


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