MMOSite Writers Recruiting: New Writers' Levels and Rewards

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MMOsite Writer's Club

Established on Jan. 4, 2008, MMOsite Writer's Club is the largest original writing organization on MMOsite. If you are an online game fan who has unique views on online games, you're welcome to join Writer's Club and share your views with other players on our news section. There are two types of writers, Blogger and Columnist.

MMOsite writer recruit

Writer's Club Member Agreement:

Writer's Rights:

  • 1. The Writer shall have the right to revise his/her articles and manage related comments and messages;
  • 2. The Writer shall have the right to publish his/her articles on other websites, but must specify that the articles are co-owned by MMOsite and add a MMOsite link and MMOsite wartermark (logo) to the articles.


Writer's Obligations:

  • 1. The Writer shall guarantee that MMOsite is the first place where his/her article is published;
  • 2. The Writer shall guarantee that he/she owns the copyright of the article and that MMOsite reserves the right to dispose of the articles not produced by the Writer himself/herself;
  • 3. The Writer shall guarantee that the article is original;
  • 4. The Writer shall notify MMOsite when deciding to delete his/her articles;
  • 5. The Writer shall ensure the security of his/her MMOsite account information and shall not disclose the account password to others;
  • 6. The Writer shall guarantee the legality and authenticity of his/her PayPal account.
  • 7. The Writer shall guarantee his/her words do not lead to any legal disputes.

MMOsite Promises:

  • 1. To give priority to MMOsite Writer's Club members when selecting articles to publish in MMOsite News, MMOsite Feature or MMOsite SNS;
  • 2. To open up a special page for the news Writer who has posted over 4 articles, e.g.
  • 3. To help the Writer who performs well enough on our site be eligible to do interviews with MMOsite.
  • 4. To offer recommendation letters for the Writer who performs well enough on our site and intends to find other MMO-related full-time/part-time jobs.
  • 5. MMOsite evaluates the performance of writer every three months and rewards the excellent Writer. The rewards are including but not limited to level up the Blogger to Columnist, raise his/her salary and etc.

MMOsite writer recruit


  • 1. MMOsite will not guarantee the safety of the articles published on MMOsite, and the Writer shall keep a copy of the articles at his/her discretion;
  • 2. MMOsite shall not be responsible for any copyright disputes caused by the Writer's reprinting, plagiarism or quotation. The Writer shall be responsible for any possible consequences;
  • 3. MMOsite shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the safety problems regarding the Writers' MMOsite Writer's Club account;
  • 4. MMOsite shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the Writer's PayPal account.
  • 5. The Writer shall not receive any rewards from MMOsite if any of the following circumstances occur:
  •      a. It is proved that the article is reprinted, copied or plagiarized from other sources;
  •      b. It is proved that MMOsite is not the first place where the article was published;
  •      c. It is proved that the Writer failed to attach an MMOsite link and logo when publishing the selected article on other websites.


  • 1. The writer shall have certain writing experience and good English writing ability;
  • 2. The writer shall be familiar with the online game industry and pay close attention to the industry;
  • 3. The writer shall stand in the shoes of players instead of the official;
  • 4. The writer shall mainly contribute the articles which offer distinctive, sharp, impressive and eye-catching views;
  • 5. In game screenshots or relevant pictures are required.
  • 6. The writer shall write articles at least 500 words

Writers' Levels:

  • 1. Blogger (Newbie Writer; The Blogger shall post articles only on MMOsite Blog)
  • 2. Columnist (Columnist shall have relevant working experience in the media; The Columnist have rights to post articles on MMOsite Blog or send his/her article to MMOsite editors team to post on the special page of the Columnist)



MMOsite writer recruit

How to Apply

If you want to apply for Blogger or Columnist in MMOsite Writer's Club, please fill out the application form below and send it to

Click here to download MMOsite Writer's Application Form (Application.doc)

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