Echo of Soul Announces Closed Beta Rewards and FAQ

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Echo of Soul has announced a reward for players that participate in its closed beta – all you need to do is reach level 45! Anyone who reaches level 45 will receive a Pioneer’s Feather (limit 1 per account, not per character.) Players who qualify for this reward will receive it during the open beta. It is unknown what this item actually does.

Echo of Soul

Another reward for the closed beta is from an event that ends on Saturday, May 23, 2015. The first player to send a screenshot of achieving the "Kill 100 000 Monsters" achievement, will have their name go down in Echo of Soul history. Should no one reach this goal by the end of the closed beta, Aeria Games will prepare a special forum thread to compare how far players have come. Winners will have their name on all Aeria’s social media pages, to let everyone know you were the first that killed the most!

Echo of Soul

The last reward for open beta is part of an event that ends on Saturday, May 23, 2015. The first Soulkeeper to reach Mount Odroerir and live to take a screenshot will be rewarded with a special surprise to use in their travels during Open Beta. There is a special thread on the forums where Aeria Games is tracking submissions.

Echo of Soul

As time continues to pass in the closed beta, and rumor spreads that the beta will be ending soon, Aeria Games has released the following FAQ. The most important information from the FAQ is that the end date for closed beta is unknown – so players can continue to attempt to hit level 45 for their Pioneer’s Feather reward.


The server wipe will happen at the end of closed beta. The date for this will be announced by us when it is set, at the moment there is no official date for the server wipe. The server wipe will erase all player created data. Everything will be deleted, including characters, items, achievements, and guilds. Nothing will be left of your old game when we open the server for the open beta, this will enable all players to start on equal footing, character wise, for the open beta.

Echo of Soul


All Founder’s Pack items will be sent again at the start of the open beta. You will find your Founder’s Packs in the Cash Shop’s Event tab just as you found them for the closed beta. All items will be unbound and unopened as they originally were. You will not receive items you won from magic lamps, but you will receive the magic lamps that were originally in the pack.


Everyone who bought a Founder's pack during or before the closed beta will automatically acquire name save service. One name per account will be saved for buyers of the Founders Packs, independent of the number or kind of Founders Pack they bought. This name will be from the oldest active (not deleted) character on the account at the end of the closed beta. The name save is done by marking the name as taken for all accounts except for the one specific account that it was saved for. In short, no other account will be able to create a character in Echo of Soul with a name that was saved for your account from the open beta phase on. The name save does NOT mean we will save your character. All accounts will be affected by the server wipe, without exception.

Echo of Soul

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