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The soul system in Echo of Soul is used to provide players with large buffs with relatively little effort. When a player kills a monster, they receive one chaos soul. These chaos souls are collected automatically, and they are placed in the player’s Soul Satchel.

Echo of Soul

Within the Soul Satchel, the black orb shows the number of chaos souls that the player currently possesses and the max amount that they can hold. Above that, you will see the four types of purified souls: Hope, Innocence, Courage, and Peace. Players can transform their chaos souls into one of these four purified souls through two methods:

Method One – Solo Purification

Never, ever, ever use this method. Seriously. It’s half as efficient as the second method available to players. However, should you not care, you’re welcome to solo purify your chaos souls. To do this, if you are near a Soul Sanctum (you can usually find one where waypoints are located), click on the soul purification button on the bottom of the Soul Satchel. For every two chaos souls you have, this will give you one random purified soul.

Method Two – Co-op Purification

This is the only method you should ever use. Instead of using two chaos souls to receive one purified soul, as you do with solo purification, you will instead receive a purified soul for every chaos soul that you possess.

To do this, you’ll need to find another player. You don’t need to be at a Soul Sanctum as you do for solo purification, and this can be done anywhere in the world. Once you have found another player, select them, and then right-click their name bar that appears at the top of your screen.

Echo of Soul

The bottom option in that menu is co-op purification. Click that. When you do, you will see a timer ticking on your screen waiting for the other player to accept. Once they’ve accepted your request for co-op purifcation, you will see the following screen.

Echo of Soul

If the right side of the screen is orange, that means that your partner Is waiting for you to hit the purify button. However, if it is not orange, that means your partner will need to hit the purify button before you can proceed. (You can also hit the purify button before the other player, which would turn your side orange.)

After that, you’ll see the results screen! Your souls are now purified, and you have double the amount you would have had you used solo purification! (Note: It will only purify as many souls as you and the other player have. So, for instance, if you have 120 but the other player has 50, it will only purify 50. You’ll need to go find another player to co-op purify with.)

Echo of Soul

You may be asking yourself, what exactly can I use these purified souls for, and there are two things that you can use them for! The first thing you can use the souls for are crafting with the Soul Expert profession (crafting will not be included in this guide, we’ll have a profession crafting guide at a later date, during open beta). The second thing you can use the purified souls for are short buffs that greatly increase your stats.

Within the Soul Satchel window, you will notice there is a button that says soul skills. If you click on that button, you will see the following screen.

Echo of Soul

These are the four soul skills that you have available to you:

Light of Hope: Increases Crit, Piercing, Attack Speed, Casting Speed and Exp earned

Shield of Innocence:  Increases PvE Defense and PvP Defense, and Exp earned

Flame of Courage:  Increases Attack, Attack Speed, Casting Speed, and Exp earned

Hand of Peace:  Increases Max HP and Exp. Action effects are lifted and prevented for a specified amount of time.

You can use one of these skills at a time, and to select which one you wish to use, click on one, and then click confirm.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do to use the skill is click on the skill button (see screenshot below). Every time that you use the skills, its experience will increase by two. Eventually, the skills can level up, and they have greater effects! (When you use a skill, it will consume two of the souls that share its color/name.)

Echo of Soul

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