Housing System and Sworn Bother System Arrive in Moonlight Blade

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In a latest interview with the dev. team of Moonlight Blade, Housing System and Sworn Brother System are confirmed. These two features will appear in the non-wipe test which will help increasing the interaction among players, according to the dev. team. Now let's take a quick look at the two systems in of Moonlight Blade, an highly-anticipated triple A MMORPG that’s originating in China!


Housing System

To build a house, you must purchase the land fist, then gather materials and ask for help from your friends. After that you'll have your own house. But it's not an end if you want to have a luxury garden or make it to a tall building, many interesting things shown below are what you can do after having a house:


  • *the primitive house can be upgraded and expanded upon(ie, one storey to two-storey building, add gardens etc)
  • *NPCs can be hired as maid, manager, guard and etc for your convenience and pleasure
  • *gather artifacts and others for decorations in your house.
  • *store items in your house.
  • *invite friends to your house for social activities.


Sworn brother system

You can call random strangers near you for help when you have difficulty in clearing a certain dungeon. And when a player becomes your sworn brother, you can share your exclusive identity's skills and even your costume's to the sworn brother in a short period. Moreover, Sworn brother system provides many ways for you to interact with your Bro both in and out of game.


After getting the major feedback in the last CBT that the dungeons are too easy, the dev said they did major overhaul to instanced PvE contents, many of which are now very hard and require wits and different strategies to beat, along with two new systems, housing system and Sworn brother system, are introduced in the upcoming non-wipe test on 28th May. Stay tuned to the Moonlight Blade key giveaway events on MMOsite!


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