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In Revelation, almost every boss has his own story, but Khepri(凯布利), the first boss players met in temple is an exception. It is just an accidents from the evil experience in XingYuan(星垣) heresy.

When YuXu defeated the main force of XingYuan heresy, a few residual heretics escaped to the ruin of temple and kept studying the mysterious power leaked from the seal. To take revenge to YuXu, these heretics tried to make a perfect monster. That's why they kept collecting various material everywhere. What's more, they even used the waste products from the experience and put it into the mysterious power, finally the terrible monster Khepri born.


Khepri looks like a monster made up by carrion. It takes a big sword made by bone in his right hand. The slit in its chest looks like a big jaws. This monster barely has any mind. Because the heretics put in surplus power into it, it becomes so hard to control.


When you challenge the Khepri, you should take care of the priests who release this monster. They have a high attack power, do remember to kill them first. Khepri can use its hook lock to catch a player to its front and then spin its chain, which will cause a big range of AOE damage. Sometimes this skill can even kill the players in one second, so do be careful to dodge.

Another terrible skill of Khepri is its poison. It can spurt the poison from its slit in the chest, and this poison will become a poisoned area on the ground. If you enter this area, of course you'll be poisoned. What's more, in God-killing(弑神) mode, there will be little monsters summoned from this poisoned area. These little monsters will attack LingLong first, do remember to kill them fast.


Though Khepri is powerful, it's just a walking dead. I believe you can kill it easily when you master the skills. Revelation's half-OBT is on its way, call up your fellows to challenge Khepri on May 22nd!

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