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Dungeon is always an important feature in MMORPG. Today the development team of Revelation reveals the details of the dungeon features to all the gamers. Together with a new video released, the team also reveals 3 new dungeons that are coming soon to the game. Now let's take a preview of these interesting challenges in Revelation.

The 3 new raid dungeons are the Dragon Abyss(龙渊) that is made up of 4 different areas, the Zodiac which combines Western astrology with Chinese zodiac, and the Demon King (魔皇) dungeon which is for the higher level players. These 3 dungeons will all be released in near future. Which one do you most want to have a try?


There are different kinds of dungeons in Revelation. The raid dungeons have not only the complicated terrain, but also various traps. The bosses also have a high AI, which made it much harder for the players to defeat them.


To challenge such difficult dungeons, a good strategy is necessary. In Revelation, each class has its own fighting styles and position in the dungeon. How to make your team member respectively play their own parts is all depended on your strategy.


The harder challenge gives the better reward. The best golden gear in the game can be got directly from the dungeon. And what's more, there will be a statue of the team leader who got the glory of first kill in the God-killing (弑神) dungeon.


Besides the original multi-player dungeons, there is a training ground dungeon for those players who prefer to play alone. In this dungeon, all the players will use the role of same gear and same attribute to challenge different bosses. Exclusive wings and title will be rewarded to the players who finish the challenge.


There is also a casual dungeon named "The Goblins' Garden Party"(妖精园游会) in Revelation. Players can enjoy the fun of making a breakthrough here. Of course there are also various of other dungeons in Revelation, which are waiting for you to discover and challenge.


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