Heroes of the Storm Gives the Detailed Introduction about Kael’thas

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Yep, this week of Heroes of the Storm is for Kael’thas. Like all Blood Elves, Prince Kael’thas was transformed by the fall of Quel’thalas. Desperate to save his people from being consumed by their magical addiction, he joined forces with the Burning Legion and now lords over Tempest Keep.

Kael’thas has had a long and complex history within the Warcraft universe, and in Heroes of the Storm, he takes on the role of a formidable assassin Hero who specializes in fire magic. He can empower his spells and create powerful combos that and will strike fear into the heart of minions and Heroes alike. He is a master of his craft, and someone that you’ll want by your side as you strike out at your enemies in the Nexus!


For an even more in-depth look into this iconic Warcraft Hero and his abilities, make sure to check out Kael'thas's Hero Page!


The starting skin for Kael’thas in Heroes of the Storm shows off the Sun King in all his supreme glory!


Step into an electrifying alternative universe with Kael’thas’s newest Skin: StormPunk Kael’thas!


StormPunk Kael’thas - On some worlds, technology and magic are not so different. Those who master both, like Lord Kael'thas, can create both wonders and terrors beyond your imagination.

Eager to show off your mastery of fire magic? Look no further than Kael’thas’s Master Skin! Once you reach Level 10 with the Kael’thas, you’ll be able to purchase his Master Skin with Gold!


Master Kael’thas - Only the finest of robes and armor may adorn the Sun King. His majesty and brilliance must shine forth like the sun itself.

Check out the video below for a look at some of these Skins and Tints close-up!

Community Creations

Since the first appearance of the Kael’thas in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, many talented artists have sought to do justice to powerful mage. Below are several fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Kael’thas, which were submitted by talented artists from around the globe.





We hope you’re enjoying our Kael’thas Hero Week! What is your favorite Skin or piece of art of this formidable Blood Elf? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more news about Heroes of the Storm.

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